How many of you are using in-built video editing applications? In recent years, after the launch of TikTok, many video editors became popular, and people are widely using them. Soloop is also one of the famous video editing applications available on Oppo devices, and now it is also available on Realme devices.

Realme is one of the latest smartphone and mobile accessories brands dominating the Indian market since 2018. Recently, Realme was also listed in the list in ‘Top 5 Smartphone Brands In India.’ However, when Realme became an independent brand, Soloop and many similar applications were removed while testing ‘Realme UI.’

With the recent updates, the Soloop application is now available to download manually on most Realme devices. Today, in this article, we’ll discuss all the relevant facts about this amazing video editing application.


About Soloop Video Editing Application

In the earlier months of 2020, Realme released an OTA update for Realme 6 Pro and Realme UI that automatically adds Soloop Video editing application. Above all, the low-range devices can also grab this application from the exclusive Realme App Store. As Realme phones are getting advanced and smarter day-by-day, this application is also loaded with countless features.

Initially, Soloop was only available for Oppo users, but the previous version was laggy and feature-rich. Realme has significantly made some changes to this application, and now you can edit your videos within minutes.

Soloop application was designed by a Chinese tech company, Shenzhen HeyTap Technology Corp. Ltd. Currently, this application has more than 2.5 million downloads on the exclusive Realme App Market. The size of this video editing application is around 41MB and available for all users.

Soloop Application is entirely dependent on AI (Artificial Intelligence); hence you face minimal hassles while editing your videos. This app is user-friendly, and you can even edit videos for your social media promotions.

If you’re finding a feature-loaded video editor for editing your daily consider, look no further than the Soloop application. Now, let’s discuss about the amazing feature of this video editing application.

Key Features Of The Soloop App

Simple Interface

Video editing is always challenging, especially for beginners, because they don’t know anything about the elements. Someone who is new to video editing cannot think of using ‘Adobe Photoshop’ or ‘Filmora’ for editing the videos and features.

When you’re using Soloop, many features of the top-rated video editors are already present in this application. It means you simply have to drag and drop your video, and suitable editing applications will appear on your screen.

The best part is you even can choose whether you’re editing your videos for Youtube, Tiktok, and social media platforms. In simpler words, whether you’re creating videos for social media platforms or YouTube, you can expect the best output from this application.

Accurate And Free Subtitle

Have you ever seen any in-built video editor that also automatically adds subtitles to your videos? This thing is only possible when you’re using iMovie or Adobe Photoshop on your desktop. Plus, it’s tough to add subtitles to your videos on your smartphones.

Soloop video editing application ensures that you become a pro video editor without using the heavy video editing application. For instance, if you’re editing a movie, Soloop will automatically recognize the dialogue and add appropriate subtitles in your videos. Nevertheless, all the subtitles might not be 100% accurate, but you cannot expect more from this video editing application. The accuracy rate of this application is nearly 90-95%, but your job will be done!

Plus, you can even edit the subtitles and use the in-built library for enhancing the accuracy rate. In our opinion, copy-paste the subtitles from the internet and modify them in the Soloop application.

Smart Music Library

Do you like watching muted videos or clips without music? Probably not, because no one likes watching videos with dialogues and music. When it comes to selecting music, everyone gets confused because irrelevant music is never entertained by the audience.

For instance, your video is about romance, but you think about adding a breakup song. How will you find the best music according to your video content? Soloop application makes the song selection part super easy because it recommends a list of songs suitable for your video.

The Smart Music Library has countless types of music, and with every update, new songs are added. Hence, you’re not wasting your time selecting the best music, and your video content is also relevant for the audience.

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How To Download The Soloop Application On Your Device?

Whether you’re having an Oppo smartphone or Realme Device, you can directly download this application from the exclusive App Market. On the other hand, if you are having a Vivo, Samsung, Motorola, etc smartphone, you can easily find the cracked version on the internet. For downloading this application, follow the below steps:

  • Find the ‘App Market’ application on your Realme/Oppo smartphone. Look for the ‘App Market’ on your device instead of Google Play Store.
  • Open the application, create an account like Google Play Store. Search for the ‘Soloop Application’ and press the ‘Install button.’ Your application will be automatically downloaded on your smartphone.
  • Once this application is installed, you don’t have to follow any sign-up process (if you already have an active Realme ID).

Now, you can freely start editing your videos and audios with this user-friendly application. Ensure you’re customizing the settings as per your preferences of this application before starting the editing process.

Final Wrap-Up

This was all about the Soloop application, and we hope you’ll undoubtedly use this video editor for your videos. In our opinion, this video editing application is suitable for beginners because they don’t know about the editing elements. Plus, if you need a user-friendly video editor, the Soloop application is best for you!

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