Best App for Suspicious Phone Number Lookup

Everybody has received at least one unsolicited message or call from a suspicious phone number at some point. Maybe it was about a product you’ve never used or someone trying to phish your personal information. Either way, this is enough reason to do a reverse phone number lookup and that’s where CocoFinder comes in.

CocoFinder is a free online service that unmasks the person behind a phone number. They also go beyond identification to bring you their current address, acquaintances, and alternative numbers. This information is usually 100% accurate, and anyone can access it.

With that out of the way, let’s start with introductions.


What is CocoFinder?

CocoFinder is one of the most powerful reverse phone lookup services on the internet. It serves millions of users across the country, with most of them leaving 5-star reviews wherever they go. These users also say the service rivals that of paid alternatives, which reflects their outstanding quality. 

But that’s not the best part: 

CocoFinder is a free service that does not require signup. It will provide you with a name, address, and social media profiles behind a particular number. And, you don’t need any special skills to use it, just a phone number and you should be good to go.

Who is CocoFinder’s Phone Lookup Feature For?

In all honesty, this service is for anyone who wants to uncover a suspicious number. Here are some scenarios that would warrant a phone lookup.

When you want to know the location of a caller

If you enter a phone number into CocoFinder’s phone lookup feature, you’ll get the caller’s current address. Maybe you want to know if a particular product is supported within the US or if an employee is living in the area they claim to be. 

Doing background checks

If you just meet someone and they give you their phone number, the first thing to do is look the number up to make sure they are who they say. While this is not the best way to do a background check, it helps verify the target’s credentials in a pinch.

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Finding old Friends

Maybe you’ve just bumped into an old contact lying around in your stuff. Search it to make sure the old friend is still in your state or where you can find them now. It is also a good idea to do a quick background check to see if the friend is still the law-abiding citizen they once were.

What You Get After Completing a Phone Lookup on CocoFinder


CocoFinder offers a host of information on targets, and it starts with entering a valid US phone number. Here are some of the things you can expect to see.

Caller Identity: Know the identity of the person or company behind the number that called you. You’ll get the full names of the caller so you can take the necessary steps. 

Address: Get the registered address of the caller. However, there are chances you might get the caller’s previous address instead of the current one. This info is constantly changing, and it might take a while before showing up in public databases.

Acquaintances: CocoFinder has the power to pull some of the target’s favorite numbers. These contacts are usually close family members and people who can positively identify the suspect. 

Alternative Phone Number: The service runs the number through a massive database to find all matching information, including alternative numbers. These contacts are usually previous numbers used to spam people or the contact they use to communicate with family and friends. 

Email Address: See the email address behind a phone number, complete with any social media accounts associated with that email. This is how you see the face behind the phone number.

How to Use CocoFinder to Look Up Phone Numbers

Take the offending US phone number, and head over to Click on the phone lookup tab, then enter the phone number in the big white textbox at the top of the page. Hit the search button, then give the system a couple of minutes to prepare a report. 

During the waiting time, the service checks various databases for anything that has a matching phone number. It will compare all results to determine alternative numbers, friends’ contacts, and social media profiles. 

After completion, the system will present a full report, then upsell their service with premium offerings from various phone lookup services. 


Will the person on the other end know I looked them up?

The short answer is no. CocoFinder works with databases from various sources and never consults your Telco or anyone who might be obliged to inform you of a search. That makes this service 100% anonymous and safe to use.

Is looking up phone numbers illegal?

No, you can look up as many numbers as you want on CocoFinder. They have designed their service to work within the confines of federal and state laws, making it completely legal.

Is it accurate?

CocoFinder’s phone lookup service is 100% accurate. If some of the information isn’t available to the public, it will say so and give another chance to look up other numbers. Most people who have used this service say it’s highly accurate. 

Is it free?

CocoFinder has always been free and will probably remain that way for a long time. They make money by promoting other premium services on their website, which is a pretty smart move. 

Can you find personal info such as a social security number?

No, you can’t. It is illegal to show the social security numbers of other people to the public. That could result in a lawsuit, increased identity theft, and an overall lousy business model. 

Over to You

CocoFinder’s phone lookup service is one of the best, free ways to unmask the people behind phone numbers. It has worked for millions of users, giving accurate information all the time. However, the service shows an advert for other paid services after generating a report.

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