PDFBear Encryption That Takes It To The Next Level

The existence of technology and high tech devices provides us with great comfort and easy living. With its amazing feat and fantastic capabilities, our lives have become much snug and plush and more pleasurable. But there is no denying that it entails a negative or a lousy connotation too. Without the power of security or encryption, data could easily be accessed. Information open for everyone with a single click.

However, this is not the case all the time. Private information or legal documents needs protection from hackers and hackers alike. And this is where the power of PDFBear comes in. With its ability to protect your documents with a password, you will be able to breathe without worrying that your files would be compromised at any given moment.


What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is an online platform in which it can convert pdf files. Not just that, it can also compress, split, or even merge pdf files. With all of that in mind, you can guarantee a high-quality output of your conversion, and its wide array of tools will make your experience much easier and more efficient. One of its stunning features is its PDFBear protect in which it has the capability to encrypt documents.

Encrypting File Using PDFBear

With just three simple steps, you can assure the safety of your document. These steps do not involve ant tough or techy measures that will mess with your head. First is to select the file that you want to be encrypted. You have two choices: either dragging and dropping it or just clicking the Select a File button on the screen.

After that, the file will be uploaded, and then you have to type in your desired password then repeat it. When you are done typing the password, you just have to click the Encrypt PDF button, and your file is safe and sound. Finally, you can now download the encrypted file and voila! You are done!

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256-Bit Encryption

PDFBear only wants what’s the best for their users, thus with their 256-Bit Encryption, which means that your password will be totally impossible to guess or just a small percentage of your password to be predicted.

And that will bring you a sense of assurance and comfort that your files will be in the safe hands. So, if you want a stunning and remarkable converter that will cater to all your needs, then PDFBear will be the right course of action for you.

Password Safety

All you have to remember when setting the password to your document is its length. The longers the password, the harder it is to guess, thus, in this case, strangers would not be able to access your document, and you can keep it away from prying eyes.

It is recommended that a password should have a mix of letters and numbers, and that could be in capital letters and such. Passwords should be in a minimum of nine characters. In this way, you can satisfy yourself that your file is shielded and defended.

Simplicity and Practicality

Do you not have to waste a single brain cell by suing PDFBear since its navigation and compatibility is very versatile. Since it is an online converter, we can assure that you can access it in any device may it be in Mac, Linux, or Windows; whatever it is, PDFBear will handle that for you.

Priding itself with its efficiency, PDFBear will keep your documents secure. Whatever file you upload on the website will be assisted and welcomed, so you do not have to lose sleep or get worked up about other things, such as whether you are using a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop.


PBFBear is making a splash into the world of conversion. With its variety of purposeful tools, you can tell that they are not going anywhere anytime. And with this encryption tools that they offer symbolizes how much they value their work and customer. And through that feature, you can protect your documents and private files.

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