How many times do you get a call from an unknown number? For individuals, it may not be much, but the same cannot be said for businesses. You may want to know more about the unknown number or verify it from a spam caller.

We know such phone calls are annoying. On the other hand, a reverse phone lookup will also prove to be beneficial if you want to know more about the contacts saved on your phone. It’s time to know more about those numbers, especially if you called back and there was no response.

Before you embark on searching more about the number, we would like you to learn how to choose a reverse lookup service. We have five sites here, and they have the correct information to offer when you feed them the number.


CocoFinder Reverse Phone Lookup Site

The design and the results given by CocoFinder will allow you to consider it as one of the best reverse phone lookup sites. The lookup is free, and all you need is a disturbing phone number and an internet connection to proceed.

Being your favorite search engine for phone numbers means sharing some favorable qualities. First, you don’t need an application since everything will be happening on the website. You also don’t need a membership to start using it.

Reverse Phone Lookup Site

That is why many compare it to a search engine. All you need is to type the phone number under the phone lookup section and hit the search button. Major media channels have featured it due to the incorporated user-friendliness and the explicit results you get.

Once you perform the reverse phone lookup on the website, here is what CocoFinder provides:

Identity: CocoFinder will reveal the phone number’s owner by giving you the complete name.

Acquaintances: You will also see other people in the person’s circle. They could be friends, business partners, or relatives.

Address: CocoFinder will get the current address and the past ones, too, if any.

Email address: This is another detail that the lookup site will not leave behind. It will show the email address and the linked social media platforms.

Other phone numbers: If the individual has multiple phone numbers, especially the blocked ones, CocoFinder will get them as well. After that, you can use the numbers to contact the person.

Social media profiles: They will all be there if the information is available.  

There are other things that you can discover about the person via CocoFinder. For example, once you get the name, you can input it on the People Search section to retrieve other details.

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How to Perform the Reverse Phone Lookup

Step 1: Search for the CocoFinder website and proceed to its homepage. Click on the Phone Lookup tab at the top and then enter the number in the input field provided.

Step 2: Hit the ‘Start Search’ button and wait for about a minute for the results to pop up. CocoFinder uses the public records and footprints from the internet to get you all the details you need.

Instant Checkmate

It’s also possible to perform the reverse phone lookup using the Instant Checkmate website. It’s also equipped with comprehensive public records that allow the issuance of detailed reports when you input the unknown number.

You need to visit the phone lookup section once you land on the website. That is where you can search for the phone numbers and landlines too. In most cases, you get the social media profiles attached to the number, including Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If a Google Search did not give you the intended results, you have Instant Checkmate to give you more filtered results. The only problem with the website is that it may take too long to give you results.


If you need a quick and free reverse phone number lookup, then here is 411Check for you. The website is straightforward to use since you will be dealing with four features all through. For the phone lookup, the tab you need to click is ‘Who Called’ and then enter the number.

If there are findings, the website will display the list and a map showing you the locations. That’s quite commendable, and you can also use the gotten name to know more about the individual owning the number.

The limitation here is that the database doesn’t contain much, and there are a few features to utilize. That is why it’s entirely free.


TruthFinder has also been in the limelight when it comes to background checks in general. There is a reverse phone lookup tool on the site, too, among the several things that the website offers.

Once you search about the number, TruthFinder will give you everything found through it. That includes the name, criminal history, addresses, and social media profiles. To access the service, you need to scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Reverse Phone Lookup’ link in the ‘Directories’ category.

The only thing you may have to deal with here is the annoying popups as you search.


Intelius closes down the five best sites list, and it’s also another professional reverse phone lookup site that you can use on the internet. The design makes it user-friendly, meaning there will be no hard time locating the phone lookup feature or any other service.

What Intelius does better is finding more about education history. That’s why it’s a favorite among employers. The flaw you will face here is creating an account for you to get the report.

The better part is that you will get everything you need in a detailed report after its creation.


The different sites above will give you the reverse phone lookup services, but you are bound to get varying results. If you want detailed ones quickly, then CocoFinder should be your true friend.

If you only want to know a few things, such as the name and address, websites such as the 411Check will become essential. Now, it’s time to verify who owns those phone numbers.

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