Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless | Everything You Need To Know!

I had to pick these up to see what they were all about, so let’s not waste any time all right. So, starting with the case, this is the biggest bulkiest case that I’ve dealt with it’s the complete opposite from everything else that I’ve tested.
So far I mean it takes up my entire hand, it’s not exactly portable or pocket-friendly. At all I mean it fits in the pocket, but it’s just not comfortable. You definitely want to plan your wardrobe ahead of time. If you decide to take these out now, you can just leave the house without the case, if you really wanted to thanks to its built-in motion, accelerometer that detects whenever the earbuds are idle and not moving, then enter sleep mode.

Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless

Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless

That slows down the battery drain losing only two and a half percent per hour, so you can’t exactly turn these off since there’s no off button, but that’s always an option and I’ll talk more about the battery tones. The end, taking a look around the case. We have just a standard, Lightning port, that’s for charging the beats logo that’s front and center, and that’s about it. I mean there’s not much going on here.
It’S a simple, straightforward design. I got ta say that my biggest complaint is that the case features no wireless charging, which is kind of a bummer, considering it’s an Apple product and it came out right after the air pods to which do have wireless charging. So I that time of this article, it’s only available in black book colors, Navy, ivory and Maus will soon be available. So if you want to hold out a little longer, I’ll definitely recommend those, because I think those look a lot better than just a simple plain black.
Now, when it came to the opening and closing of the case, it’s not exactly a one-handed opener, again, that’s new to this size. It’S definitely requires two hands and then at that point it opens pretty easy and the magnets on the lids keep the case. Nice and tight when it’s shut and when you first open it up the process of pairing, it is identical to the air pot setup. You just hold it close to your iPhone and the power beats Pro animation shows up, and then you just hit connect and that’s it you’re all set.

So if you know how to use the air pods, then you know to use the power beats Pro. In fact, it’s using the same h1 chip as the air pods, so you’re also getting that improved connection along with the hands-free, hey Siri support, which is obviously iPhone exclusive and not supported on Android, which, speaking of if you want a pair to power, beats Pro to An Android device, the setup is not as fancy it’s more traditional.
So while both of the earbuds are inside the case, you just press and hold that flush button in the center until the pulse is white, that puts it in pairing mode and then you just select it from your settings and you’re done now. I like the way the earbuds sit inside the case is definitely different from what we usually see but just remember, to align the earbud tips in that center gap, and that causes those metal contacts to align with each other inside the case and the magnets will snatch Them in place and that’s how they begin charging and when the case is plugged in charging in a remain solid red until it’s fully charged, which, at that point, you’re the shut off now taking a look around the earbuds themselves, they are water and sweat resistant.


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