iPhone tracking has always been considered arduous work but with the development of modern technology, many new methods have been introduced in the programming world to make the tracking left hands work.

Online spying applications are taking the lead in spying activities and people prefer these software because there is no need to disclose the personal information to the third person and you can keep yourself hidden while getting all the information without missing anything in your life.


Spyier: iPhone tracking is five fingers exercise now

Spyier is your first answer to your question ‘how to spy on iPhone without installing the software’? Spyier is the leading application in the world of online spying softwares. It has positive reviews of many well-known platforms in its pocket, few of them are  New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, and CNET.


Spyier is the best online tracking application. In every corner of the world, it has its users as long as they have a fast internet connection and access to any web browser they will never face any error or delay in the conduction of information.

Spyier can work without the additional requirement of installing the software and taking any storage space in the device. This makes it more reliable. You can see the tracked device on your phone as a cloned device because all of its applications will be visible to you.

What if you are not a tech-master?

There is no involvement of high-level computer techniques and expertise and Spyier has one aim to make things easy for its users. To accomplish this task its developers have assigned a team of trained operators to listen to any of your queries regarding Spyier, find the link on Spyier’s official site.

Spyier is a paid service but I can say it with the experience that it definitely will not be a waste of your money. After submitting the payment you will be able to merge the device you want with your account.

For iPhone, the tracking procedure is made free of application installation, this is possible with the advanced cutting edge technology of Spyier. This is as easy as ordering the pizza or even more than this.


Why Spyier is on the top:

Spyier is the most used and trusted option because it has been luxuriously tailored for the comfort of its customers. You can use Spyier on the go; it works on the plane equally well as it works in your office. 

Spyier does not leave any stone unturned to track the data and send it to you. All the applications are covered. You can read all the mails, browsing data, and social media statues. You can virtually be with the tracked device owner without being suspicious.


There is no need to install any software and connect any hardware:

If you are not confident with technology use and you have never taken interest in the functioning of computers and mobile phones, there is no need to fret over this. Spyier has got you back in every situation, not having the technical skills must not be the reason someone remains deprived of online tracking.

Make sure your internet connection is speedy and steady, after that open any web browser and search for the official site of Spyier by surfing with the keyword Spyier.com. After that, you will see a new window opening with the option of free live demo and free sign up.

You can enhance your understanding about the functioning of Spyier by watching that video otherwise simply click on the free sign up open and get yourself registered by entering the email address and password.


The next step will be to choose the device and enter the iCloud credentials and these identification details will make sure to establish the link with the target device and clone the data on your screen without the additional software.


After that just open your account and see the dashboard fitted with numerous features to cover all the aspects of a mobile phone, this will help you to peek into any document stored in a device, all the pictures text messages and web surfing with just a single click.


A glimpse of marvelous features Spyier has to offer:

Spyier can take you into the most secure files and can disclose all the secrets without getting you into any mess. You can read all the emails sent and received on the Gmail account of that phone. Along with that, all the stored documents will be within your reach to study.

You can see the surfing history to know about the different sites visited by the owner. All the text messages and phone calls data will be transferred to your screen by the Spyier account. In addition to that, if you even want to track the important dates marked by the owner on the calendar, you can do this too.

Facebook and WhatsApp are the most used accounts and tracking of these platforms allow you to have a clear view of the contacted people and the kind of mentality that person is nurturing. In short, Spyier is your one-stop shopping for your tracking purposes.



To wrap up- the whole discussion, in the end, it can be said with confidence that online applications are well suited for tracking the cell phones. You will not be around the person physically but you will be aware of their every move without even touching their phones.

These spying softwares have upgraded themselves to the level where you don’t have to install any application and all the work will be done without leaving a hint behind. This is the strong point as in real life hackers there is always a sign present that someone hacked into the system.

Now it’s unto you to decide which application will work best for you. This article has tried its best to clear all your queries including the no application installation one. Now you are just one decision away from becoming the virtual spy.

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