How do I do a holiday countdown on my Phone? That’s the question that has kept bugging my mind for the last few weeks. First, when I was still in the city, I was too busy resting after returning home from the office late last week. Then I started to get some annoying emails, such as a one-liner from some online marketers about doing a Holiday Countdown for Free on your Phone – with absolutely no charges. So, I got scared right away and decided not to give into them.


Time Resetting Feature

That is when I remembered about the time resetting feature on my Phone. And also about the fact that I now have access to favorite email clients like Yahoo or Hotmail to try them out. And guess what! I’ve been able to come up with my very own version of a Vacation ticker application that’s completely free and has been performing on my T-Mobile phone. Here’s how it works and how you can do one for yourself too!

How to do a holiday countdown on your Phone

Go to your Google or Yahoo cell phone’s phone book and find the option of having an application downloaded to your Phone. Once you find that one, go ahead and download and install it. It will take just a few moments. And the fun part begins! You are now ready to do a Holiday countdown and see which messages people text during this particular vacation.

How do I do a Holiday countdown with other phones

There are a few special applications online that will work for most major or popular phone models. The most recommended one, however, is the one that is for the iPhone. It is one of the fastest and easiest to use. Just install it onto your Phone, have your friends send you messages one at a time, then tap them all in one shot to see who has the best news.

Family Updated

If your friends all have iPhones, too, then you can even join them and text one another during the holiday season! Now that’s something that you won’t be able to do during the day. But it’s the thought that counts! So better do something about it than just let it all out of frustration at home in disappointment. SMSing holidays is a great way to keep in touch during the year and keep everyone in the family updated with what is going on.

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Quick & Straightforward

You can also choose how you would like to have the messages delivered. SMSing holidays is so quick and straightforward. You can have one message sent to everyone, or you can choose to have it sent to a group of people as a text. It is done by changing what you want the text message to look like and then sending it off. It’s a straightforward process, and if you’re still a little unsure about how it works, give it a try and see how it feels!

Did you know that some hotels already use this technology to keep their customers informed of their special offers and plans? They could make money by charging for the number of people in their sights when they open for bookings! Some hotels also have interactive screens located in different parts of the hotel, allowing room blockage avoidance that some people prefer to avoid. The holidays should be fun and festive, and this is a perfect way to ensure that you stay fit and healthy throughout the year!


There are so many reasons why you should get on board. Everyone has their causes, and they are all valid ones. However, the main ones are because you like making sure that the holidays are unique and memorable for everyone else around you and yourself in particular. If you enjoy the time between Christmas and New Year’s, you should make sure that you don’t get too bogged down in the routine of the other five months. You can spread your energy and enjoyment as far as possible, which is a great way to ensure that it happens.

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