What Is Angular?

Angular is a front-end programming framework with a lot of features. Angular can help you speed up the development, implementation, and testing of your online apps. It is built on JavaScript, and it is simple to use for developers who are already familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What Uses Of Angular Is?

The Angular Command Line Interface (Angular CLI) is a command line interface for Angular. It’s a command-line tool for building Angular apps, as the name suggests. Angular cli is suggested for constructing angular apps since it eliminates the need to spend time installing and configuring all of the essential dependencies as well as wiring things together.

The Angular CLI can be used for a lot more than just building Angular projects. Components, services, pipelines, directives, and more may all be created using it. It also aids in the construction, serving, and testing of products. CLI is a great tool to learn because it simplifies and speeds up the Angular development process.

How To Install Angular In Windows?

Follow these steps to install Angular in windows:

Step 1: Install Node.js >> Download the newest Node.js Windows Installer from the official Node.js page >> Double-click the Windows Installer Package at the download location.

3On the Node.js Setup Wizard’s opening screen, select Next >> Click Next after accepting the License Agreement >> Select Next after defining the installation’s target folder >> You have the option of customising how accessible features are installed. Ascertain that the npm package manager is included in the installation package. To continue, click Next >> Select this option if you want to automatically install tools for building native modules. They are optional and take up an additional 3 GB of storage space. To continue, select next >> To begin the installation procedure, click Install >> Select Finish to leave the Setup Wizard after the installation is complete.

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Step 2: Install Angular CLI

You may use the Angular command-line interface (CLI) tool to set up, build, and manage your Angular apps. The NPM package manager may be used to install the Angular CLI.

Enter the following command on the Windows Command Prompt:

>>@angular/cli npm install -g<<

The system will ask you if you want to share use statistics with the Angular Team throughout the installation process. It makes no difference whether you answer Yes or No because the functionality is unaffected.

If you want to share use statistics with the Angular Team 2, the system will ask you. Verify the installed version once you’ve added all of the packages:

‘—version ng’

The current version of the Angular CLI is 12.0.0.


Hopefully you completely understand “How to install angular in windows”. Now you can easily install angular in your windows pc. Whenever you are facing problem related to “How to install angular in windows” just come back to this article and follow the steps.


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