If you are new and have any knowledge about web hosting, what is it? How does it work? Don’t worry; here you will get to know about web hosting. Web hosting is a service where the business provider provides you with the space on the server connected to the internet, high-speed internet. Therefore, the hosting company has to maintain a large server that should have a physical presence. The physical location of the webserver is known as a data center. Here all the data of various clients are stored, and proper backup is also maintained.



There are various types of web hosting, but mainly there are three types of web hosting. Shared reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. Each hosting had a different purpose, so according to your need, you can select the. Not only these three but various others are that present with the hosting provider. The fox moon hosting is the best hosting that provides you all the web hosting types.

Shared web hosting

A shared web hosting server is most popular and mostly use for hosting. It is just like a shared flat in which any person lives together. In this hosting, you will be provided with some space by the provider. You can get any amount of space you require to store your data.

It is shared between more than one people that are the reason it is cheaper than another server. You need not pay for the space that you are not using. Also, you can rent more space on the server from the provider if you are exhausted with the space.

Reseller web hosting

If you want to start your web hosting business, then this is the cheapest way of starting a server. For this, you can either choose a private server or a reseller of the server. The best way is to choose a private server reason behind that is and you have complete control over that server. You don’t require depending on others to solve any problem of the person taking the services.

If you are taking a reseller of services, you have to resell the hosting of a large company. You will not have any control over the data of the customer. In this, you will get fixed revenue till the third party is their client.

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Dedicated web hosting

In this hosting, the provider will provide a single server to a single business customer. The customer has complete control over the server. It is beneficial as the business can easily change according to their requirement. They do not need to go and ask the provider to change the setting. Also, it is more protected and secure.

So above are some basic types of hosting that are most frequently used by clients and business owners. If you are also looking for a provider, you can go and the website of fox moon hosting they provide you with different types of hosting. So that you can choose according to your business and what you need. Hope this will help you to gain some basic knowledge of web hosting and its various types

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