Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Discord Screen Audio is a very powerful app which allow the users to share audio, video, and text with their gaming companions. On Windows 10, 8, 7, users, particularly gamers, were continually complaining about the screen of discord share no audio problem. It’s usually during screen sharing that discord doesn’t have audio.

Therefore, you need to know what causes your computer to share audio and not working. The most common VoIP program is with Discord Screen Share. Discord Screen Audio Sharing service lets players connect while they are playing the game. For Discord, you can send out text and voice messages. But many users report an error that does not work properly with Discord Screen Sharing Audio.

Discord screen-sharing problem doesn’t work something you’ll be able to fix on your own. Chances are your Windows PC drivers are compromised, and you may not be able to use the mike. You’ll have an upgraded driver on your system through this. Audio drivers are some of the components of home software which are responsible for the system’s proper performance.


How to fix the Discord Screen Share No Audio Error?

Any sound error from the system problem checking to discord program fixing would be easier to troubleshoot the discord sharing screen. That may cause discord in the screen sharing phase in Discord.

Restart your Computer

In the computer, some of the programs that clash with this may be the main reason for the screen sharing problem of the Discord server. Rebooting your computer will prove useful enough to solve the problem.

Update Discord App

Most of the time, when the sound drivers are obsolete, users face audio related issues with Discord. Then upgrading your audio drivers could be one of the best solutions out there. When the audio drivers have been modified, the audio related problems on Discord must be fixed. Moreover, it can done either manually or automatically.

  • Launch RUN dialogue box on your Windows device
  • Type in and run %localappdata%
  • Locate and double click on Discord
  • Double click Update.exe

Update the Audio Driver

In some cases, the problems in the server’s sharing of the Discord screen may cause the problem. Ideally, the error should be overcome by upgrading the audio engine. Verify that you have the new Audio driver. If not, then try to update it to the latest version. You can either manually do it or choose an automatic option.

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Clear Discord Roaming Data

The temporary Discord files may be causing problems. Incorrect account settings can play havoc with proper functionality too. Clearing up the Discord roaming data will effectively solve the problem.

Recheck the voice settings on Discord

One of the major causes of sharing the black screen with Discord can result in inappropriate voice settings on the Discord. Resetting the settings to the original will solve the problems effectively.

You will need to start the video call and then click on “Switch on screen sharing” to share a screen on Discord. And it will immediately allow discord screen share with no audio.

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