Today, personalized video is more and more an option that even the world’s biggest brands are opting for.

If we take Nike as an example, there is probably no person in the world who has not heard what Nike is and what it does, even such a big global brand, you would think that after decades of success it does not have to adapt to the demands of marketing and promotion – well it must.

Here is an example of that. The same video was created from the perspective of the Nike brand, and then personalized and adapted to the customers it addresses:

When you watched this it probably crossed your mind – Who has time to make every video separately for every client?

Well, the exact Nike example we saw is something you can create with the help of Plainly.

Create a template, upload it to Plainly and link it to a data source to create thousands of unique videos. Very easy to use, Plainly means only template + data source, and it allows you to repurpose your videos even. Graphics and data can be changed and adapted to the person watching the video, which is ideal for a personalized relationship with your customers. Five elements you can change: Text elements, image elements, audio elements, video elements, and color.


Why do we even do it?

Start with yourself. How much attention, time and patience do you have in one day today? How much time do you spend on Instagram or Facebook or scrolling through a site to find a solution to a challenge or problem? How much time do you have to spare for that?

Although technology began to develop with the idea of ​​shortening numerous processes, of machines replacing man in many different segments, so that man would have more time – time is less.

We are exposed to a large amount of information every day, therefore we neither have the time nor the capacity to process, assimilate and remember everything.

Ask yourself a question – Would you have time to watch an ad that doesn’t relate to your needs and challenges you want to overcome, even if it was your favorite brand?

To stay in the realm of sports, when we started with Nike, let’s say you’re looking for running shoes, and the sports brand you love and fit the most runs an ad with a new line of shoes, but none of them are for running. Will you take the time to watch it? Well, most likely not.

Now that you, as someone’s potential client, have established what you would not like to see, let’s return to the role of marketers.

How much personalization has taken off in the world of marketing is also shown by the data published only four months ago: about 72% of consumers only indulge in brands that personalize the experience.

Five reasons why personalized video is a must-have

  1. Increases sales

Video is the content that has the greatest impact on increasing sales and ROI. Content has the greatest influence on the final decision that clients make about purchasing a particular product. Even one of the most famous and largest online shopping chains, Amazon, claims that shoppers who watch videos on a product listing are 3.6 times more likely to buy the product. Especially when you address the client directly, by name and surname, or use different personalized data, the client will recognize that you value his needs and know how to respond to them.

  1. The easiest and fastest acquisition of information

Video is content that can contain the most information, while at the same time presenting it most shortly and efficiently as possible. Combining image, sound, print, graphics, animation, music, and all that simply through an application like Plainly, you can market what you want to say, and personally address the client, but also send the message you want and keep it simple and memorable.

  1. Shouting – a good voice can be heard far away

When you personalize the message and “hit” the client right in the heart, he will likely be ready to share that video on his profiles, and thus your promotion gets even wider frames and even though the message may not be personalized for the people who will encounter it video on your client’s channels, they will get to know your brand and maybe recognize the solution in you. For sharing personalized messages, the best example is Facebook, which creates a memory for you, then celebrates the years of your friendship with someone, etc… And you know how much it is shared.

  1. Easy and fast on your phone

A large number of people today watch videos, and of course that the quality of the videos is important, more on their mobile phones than on any other device. Start from the fact that it is easier for you to watch a video on your mobile phone than to read a text. Especially while you’re scrolling through, say, Instagram or Facebook on your lunch break. Adapt your video for mobile phones, because that’s probably where more than half of your target audience will be.

  1. Raising brand awareness – a relationship based on trust

Personalized video hides another important item: building a relationship based on trust. A client who sees that a brand has recognized his needs, and challenges and offered him a solution, will have much more trust in that brand and safety, which is in itself your responsibility but is also a great success, which can be reflected in the long term.

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