In this age when it is easier to find local help online, dental professionals rely on digital content to connect with more patients. A well-made website with helpful and interesting content can turn readers into loyal customers.

It takes the right content to engage. Whether you’re a practitioner or a digital marketer, this guide helps you create great content. Explore the five most recent content marketing strategies for dentists.    


1. Engage More Patients with Dental Blogs

Digital Authority Partners said blogs are vital to dental content marketing success. Use them to showcase your knowledge, expertise, and experiences. Share your opinions with other dental professionals and patients.

Regular blogging gives you more credibility and makes it easier for industry experts and people looking for local dental services to recommend you. Take note of the following tips to create a good blog:

  • Focus on an engaging topic. Blog about patient case studies, a day in the life of a dentist, common dental hygiene mistakes, or other interesting topics.
  • Capture the audience attention with a great title. Use engaging titles like “Do I Look Like Darla in Finding Nemo with My New Braces?” or “Will Brushing More Than Twice a Day Whiten My Teeth?” A title in question form engages more readers.
  • Use a clean blog layout. Avoid distractions and help readers focus on the information at hand. Remove pop-up ads, video ads, or large and loud ads. Stick to white space, simple fonts, and use bulleted points.

2. Create Dental Practice FAQs

FAQs save you time by answering the most common questions and help improve the overall customer experience.

FAQ pages are also a customer service tool. Prospective patients visit your FAQ page to find specific information about your services or look for business information. Some patients use the website FAQ as their initial point of contact before they call or head to the clinic location.

Using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to make FAQ pages should be one of your content marketing goals. Remember the following tips:

  • Use your main keywords. Include your main keywords in the questions and answers but do not overdo it.
  • Highlight important information. Whether it is your payment options or new COVID-19 policy, set in bold or highlight important sentences so readers easily find answers. 
  • Keep questions and answers simple. Answer the question in the first sentence clearly. Keep it simple and short to make your response easier to follow and understand. 
  • Use a conversational tone. Some people use voice search when looking for dental services. Using a  conversational tone optimizes your FAQ for such search. 
  • Categorize your FAQ. Group the questions and answers to general inquiries, services, payments, appointments, COVID-19 policies, etc. to help readers navigate easily.
  • End with a call-to-action (CTA). Lead your prospects to other service pages by placing a strong CTA at the end of the FAQ. For example, add “Contact us now.”

3. Captivate Your Audience with Newsletters

Sending marketing emails and monthly newsletters to prospective patients is a great way to keep them engaged and mindful of their dental choices. Create a newsletter with meaningful and fun dental topics: Showcase oral health tips, upcoming dental events, brand awareness months, and new equipment, services, or a new member of the staff. 

It is also easy to start a dental newsletter with free templates and tools from Mailchimp, Moosend, and HubSpot. Here are some tips to help you create engaging dental newsletters.

  • Keep newsletter articles short. Engage your readers with concise, updated, and well-crafted newsletters. Summarize articles or give the gist of dental news.
  • Use captivating photos. Original, high-quality, and relevant pictures for your newsletters would be best.
  • Send newsletters consistently. The frequency depends on your target audience, but stick to a regular email cadence of a weekly or bi-monthly schedule. Do what seems best for your readers but try to avoid a bi-weekly newsletter schedule

4. Highlight Your Value Proposition

Your unique value proposition (USP) is what makes you different from your competitors. It is why people prefer you as their dentist over others in the area. It could be a new dental procedure or a payment option that only you support. Leverage your USP for a great content marketing strategy. 

Stand out in the competition with your USP. Here are techniques to define your USP:

  • Focus on your characteristics. Your personality, passions, and morals make you different from other dentists or practitioners. You could be the friendly neighborhood dentist or the dentist bringing his dog to his clinic.
  • Intersect two ideas. Your USP could be a combination of two characteristics like the friendly neighborhoow dog-loving dentis. 
  • Narrow your target market and your expertise. Instead of offering everything, you could focuson pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, or cosmetic dentistry.

5. Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Almost everyone in the world owns a mobile device. That is also why worldwide spending on mobile advertising could reach $327.1 billion in 2022 and grow to $399.6 billion by 2024. Marketers trust the advantages of using mobile marketing to connect with their customers.

Dentists who have a strong mobile presence can reach more people who need reliable and up-to-date dental services, not to mention grow their business. The following tips will help you create good mobile content.

  • Use strong content introductions. Because you have limited space to convey your message on a mobile device, keep your introduction brief but powerful.
  • Make content readable by breaking these into short paragraphs. No one wants to read a large block of text. Break down your content into readable, short sections. Use bulleted points to highlight essential items.
  • Create a content highlight or summary. This is a list of your page’s subsections, typically found at the beginning of your post. It gives your audience an overview of what your content is about. 
  • Include images or videos. Use relevant and original photos partnered with an alt text to describe the pictures to people with visual impairments. 
  • Check your content on different devices. Find out how your content looks and reads on other mobile devices so you can make corrections at once.

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Summing Up

Content marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy for dentists. Use top content platforms like blogs, newsletters, and FAQs. Find and use your USP, and optimize your dental content on mobile for the best effects. 

All of these methods will help you create the most interesting content for your patients and clients so that you can promote your dental skills online. Adapt these strategies today.

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