In recent years, so many new startups took place in the business world and some of them succeeded in a way that nobody thought. Here are some start-ups that have really impressed and affected all of us. Please note that if you want to start up your own business, you can opt for Virtual Assistant to improve your customer and user experience.

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No one would have noticed how in October last year, investment funds invested $ 40 million in the recruiting startup Handshake, if one of the contributors was not the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, created by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. The investment in Handshake, a startup looking for student jobs, is the first business deal of a US-China alliance.

This choice is not accidental. Mark and Priscilla have invested in a HeadHunter analog that brings together universities and colleges looking for jobs – and companies looking for new hires. For each employed applicant, Handshake receives money from a happy employer, and the university is awarded rating points that increase its status in the system. The project already involves 700 universities, 300 companies and 14 million graduates, and its cost is $ 275 million.

  1. Zume Pizza

Business Insider predicted the collapse of pizza empires in August. According to statistics, more and more Americans are abandoning the services of Domino’s and Pizza Hut in favor of eateries near their homes. This played into the hands of the startup Zume: in 2015, the company robotized the kitchen (to such an extent that a person was needed only to roll out the dough), and then developed fully automated bakery vans that cook food on the go.

The project received its first large investment in 2017 – $ 48 million; one of the contributors then was the company of the chairman of the board of directors of Mail.Ru Group, Dmitry Grishin, Grishin Robotics. And in November, Japanese SoftBank invested another $ 375 million in Zume. “Zume is building a hybrid of Uber and Starbucks,” Grishin explains. “Fresh pizza will be delivered to you quickly and it will be healthier because it is preservative-free.”

The startup Zume has solved this problem with the help of robotics and is now valued at more than $ 2 billion. “

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  1. SenseTime

Big Brother system

In the spring of 2016, after dinner at Shokoladnitsa, Polina Anisimova, as expected, went into the restroom. She had no idea that hidden cameras were installed in the toilets and this video would be posted on the forum for perverts. But a couple of months later, a stranger wrote to her on Facebook and attached a screenshot – there the girl sits carelessly in the closet. FindFace application for face recognition, developed by the Moscow company NtechLab, helped to find it on the net.

In the future, this system could help the special services to find criminals, but in Russia, it has become a tool of virtual bullying. A similar Chinese startup, SenseTime, went further and sold the technology to local smartphone manufacturers. Now people captured by their cameras are automatically included in the general database. Last year, the project raised $ 600 million, including from Alibaba. If you wish to know about Hunter X Hunter, please read this. The money will be used to analyze the video stream, coming from smartphones from all over the Middle Kingdom. The founders promise: SenseTime will be able to identify every Chinese by all means.

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