The business world is slowly shifting, with most entrepreneurs relying on industry influencers to maintain relevance and boost sales. The use of Key Opinion Leaders is increasingly becoming dominant. These leaders are basically organizations or individuals with a strong social presence. Their opinions and recommendations are listened to and are what most people in the current market use to base their decisions. Examples of Key Opinion Leaders include—celebrities, columnists, political figures, and more recently, social media influencers.

There are different types of Key Opinion leaders that businesses can incorporate in their marketing complain. These include


Types of KOLs

The Academic

These are leasers with a rich background on the product or service your business is offering. They are responsible for creating the required data needed to launch your product line onto the market. In most cases, these leaders are well published in the given field, having built a reputable career in the field. Their rich knowledge base and objective approach make them an invaluable asset when delivering data-backed information on your products and services.

The trainer

These groups are frequent users or subscribers of your products and services. They are mainly enthusiastic about learning more about your products and services before promoting them within their circles. In terms of product promotion, trainers can always partner with your business to train new users and even share their hacks with people within their circle.

The marketer

Most Key Opinion Leaders are not focused on marketing. However, you can find a few individuals with an interest in marketing who can become valuable to your marketing strategy. These leaders can contribute to product value forums even before launching your marketing content. Having a leader at this early stage can help position your products effectively on the market.

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These leaders are usually attached to your business and generally shy away from the spotlight. These individuals work closely with the research and development department, not the marketing team. They tend to bring on a different perspective to the prevailing train of thought. They are an asset when looking for ways to improve the value of your products or even come up with a new product line.


Finding these individuals is no easy task; every business needs to research various platforms to locate influencer KOLs. They are mist found on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with others on private forums that require invitations. Once you ascertain the various locations people are meeting to share valuable information regarding products within your industry, you can identify the key influencers and moderators you can work with.


These are individuals that are publicly identified as authorities in the field. Despite remaining impartial to any product line, their opinions are greatly considered due to their unbiased and credible nature. They are vastly connected in the industry. Their experience in the field also gives them insights into the direction the industry is set to take.

Key opinion leaders generally understand the market and what the market wants. Adding them to your team is a good way of bringing a fresh set of insights into new trends. Using them for your marketing campaign can be considered an honest and genuine approach. This is largely because KOLs tend to recommend products that actually pass their quality test. This way, they can preserve their reputation.

These leaders also leverage the trust the public has in them to reel in genuine leads. Clients in the industry are more inclined to follow their direction based on past track records. The leader creates a more personal connection with the public making their opinions reliable.

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