The evolution in innovation has led to technology getting more complex with the progress in time. Nowadays, more individuals have begun taking their household appliance questions to the internet and have tried to research into their appliance handling techniques to prevent the arising of any problem in the future. Household appliances, and washing machines in specific, are quite an investment from a monetary point of view, and it is essential to ensure that it works for a long time so that every rupee invested in it is worth it for you. In this article, we cover the water pressure level required for the efficient functioning of a fully automatic washing machine so that you make your decision while purchasing a new washing machine.


Ideal range

Different professional opinions point to different water pressure levels required to efficiently run a semi automatic washing machine. Before buying a semi automatic washing machine, you should do your research to make a great choice. The differing opinions stem primarily from the different ways in which washing machines are built. Different brands and washing machine models require maintenance of different water pressure levels, and mentioning a specific water pressure range can be difficult. On average, it is recommended to maintain a water pressure range between 20 psi to 116 psi.

A level below 20 psi can result in valve dysfunction, and may even cut off the water supply until the water level gets fixed. It must also be noted (and inspected before purchase) that water faucet sizes differ as per the brand and model of a fully automatic washing machine. To adapt to the inlet hoses placed inside washing machines, it is usually suggested that water hoses are maintained at 4 feet. These details should be inquired from your seller before purchase, to ensure that you can take adequate care of your washing machine.

Prevention is better than cure

Troubleshooting your appliance from time to time will relieve you of the stress you may have on whether your washing machine is in a decent state. LG washing machines, in particular, are popular amongst consumers for providing troubleshooting applications to ensure that you can easily detect with a click of a button if anything is wrong with your appliance.

If, however, your washing machine is not too modern and does not come with this type of application, we can provide you with some techniques to troubleshoot your appliance by yourself. Ringing up your pertinent water company to ensure that there are no problems on their end is an easy solution to your troubleshooting worries. Normally, water pressure must be maintained at a level of 0.7 bars. However, this is not a stringent rule as different water companies, depending on their resources, provide individuals with varying water levels.

You can also ensure that your water pressure is not too low by taking some water measures by yourself. Firstly, checking if your faucet is running properly with no interruptions in water flow is imperative. The faucet must be switched on. You can check if there is a continuous flow of water by disconnecting the faucet from the washing machine and checking if the water flows properly into a bucket.

Many washing machines come with red and blue faucets that serve different water functions. Over time, these faucets can get cracked, and it is important to check if they are in good condition. They should not be jammed with sludge. Finally, you can also check if your water pressure is adequate by running a full washing cycle and observing it. This should be done at a time when other household appliances are not utilizing the water that gets supplied to your household.

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Supplementary Information

Certain reports indicate that if you hail from an environment where water pressure is low, then investing in a front loader rather than a top loader is imperative. Conventional front loaders also consume less energy, which helps sustain the environment and reduces your electricity bill.

If your water pressure is too low and your need external aid, investing in a water pressure booster can be helpful. These water pressure boosters can be found in appliance stores or online websites. Depending on the brand of the booster, it may be a little difficult to fix the booster properly. Calling up a handyman or your local plumber is recommended to avoid installation problems.

Water boosters are available in different price ranges and in different forms, depending on what type of washing machine you need them for. For instance, flow-operated water boosters are generally used for showers, whereas pressure-activated water boosters are ideal for washers. Fastening your water pressure booster to a water metre can help you adjust your water pressure level with the help of the dial.

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