As a parent in the 21st century, it can be challenging to monitor your children. Digital technology is a double-edged sword for parents with teenagers who have mobile devices. However, there is a way parents can use it to their advantage. 

Thanks to parental control apps, parents can now monitor all the activities on their kids’ devices. What’s more, they can monitor all their movements and movements in real-time. 

The challenge comes in when trying to find the right parental control apps. In this post, we make it easy for you by presenting the 10 best parental control apps in 2021. Read on to find out more. 


#1 Minspy – The most professional parental control app

As a leader in the parental control arena, Minspy provides parents with over 30 monitoring features. The app works on both iOS and Android devices. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about having technical skills. 


The popularity of the app has gained the attention of media outlets like Forbes and the New York Times. What’s more, over a million users across the world trust and use Minspy for their surveillance needs. 

Besides, the app does more than just monitor children. With Minspy, you can also view someone’s text messages remotely and discreetly. Also, spouses and business owners use Minspy to monitor their partners and employees, respectively. 

Why should parents trust Minspy?

Without giving too much away, parents have many reasons to trust Minspy as the preferred parental control app. These range from the features Minspy offers its users to the mode of operation of the app. Here are some of them: 

  1. No rooting or jailbreaking necessary 

With Minspy, parents won’t have to root Android or jailbreak iOS devices. Besides, the process of jailbreaking or rooting a device requires technical skills that most people lack. Also, it compromises the security of the device. 

The process of rooting or jailbreaking a device takes time. Fortunately, Minspy is among a handful of parental control apps to avoid rooting or jailbreaking altogether. The app uses cutting-edge technology. 

  1. 100% undetectable 

All the parental control activities take place in stealth. The app never uses system resources like memory to avoid interfering with the performance of the device. For instance, on iOS devices, no installation necessary. 

Minspy uses the iCloud backup to monitor your kid’s activities. For Android devices, you need one-time access to install the app on your kid’s device. The 2Mb app installs in 5 minutes and automatically disguises itself. 

When you are done monitoring your kid’s you can uninstall the Android app in just one click. 

also check:

  1. Safe

The app never compromises the security of your child’s device. Best of all, it doesn’t have access to data on third-party apps so it can’t back it up on its server. Also, you are the only one who can access the content on your kid’s device. 

#2 Spyier 

Another popular parental control app is Spyier. The app also works on Android and iOS devices. It offers parents a complete suite of more than 390 features for monitoring their kids’ mobile devices. 


Besides, it never requires technical know-how to use the app on your kid’s devices. It is trusted across more than 190 countries. What’s more, it is safe to use on your child’s device. 

#3 Spyine

With Spyine, parents get access to more than 30 monitoring features and capabilities. The app can monitor almost anything on your child’s device. It can spy on their online activities like social media posts and chats. 


It even allows parents to monitor the whereabouts of the kids online. It includes a handy geofence feature. With this feature, parents can define a virtual boundary on Google maps to notify them when kids cross it. 

#4 Spyic 

As a veteran in parental control, Spyic has been providing parents with over 35 features for years. As a parent, you can monitor your child from anywhere using this app. The app is web-based, allowing you to spy on your kid remotely. 


Spyic also doesn’t interfere with the performance of your child’s device. So it makes it hard even for a teenager to notice you are monitoring them. Also, you won’t have to root or jailbreak your child’s device to use the app. 

#5 Neatspy

Neatspy is among the latest kids on the block. However, this doesn’t mean it is a slouch when it comes to performance. The app can monitor all your kids’ activities on iOS and Android devices. 


Besides, you won’t need technical know-how to use Neatspy on your kid’s device. The app works in stealth to avoid detection even for the latest tech-savvy kids. 

#6 Spyzie

Another excellent parental control app is Spyzie. The app comes with over 30 mobile device monitoring features. With Spyzie, you monitor both iOS and Android devices remotely. 


The app is web-based, letting you to monitor all the activities on your child’s device remotely. You only need to log in to your Spyzie dashboard to start monitoring your child. 

#7 FoneMonitor 

FoneMonitor is another capable kid on the block. With FoneMonitor, you can monitor everything on your child’s smartphone or tablet. It is equipped with over 30 monitoring features for Android and iOS devices. 


Best of all, it works in the background to avoid interfering with your child’s device performance.

#8 TeenSafe

With TeenSafe, parents get a comprehensive parental control app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Besides, you won’t need technical skills to use the app since no rooting or jailbreaking necessary. 


The app comes with over 30 features, including location tracking, social media monitoring, and a keylogger. All these features make it easy for you to monitor any aspect of your child’s online activities. 

#9 Safespy

Another notable parental control app is Safespy. It comes with more than 30 features, all of which are accessible remotely. With the app, you have access to your child’s social media activities and whereabouts. 


#10 Cocospy

Cocospy has a reputation as a reliable parental control app. It can monitor your child’s Android and iOS devices. You can unleash over 30 features of the app to monitor your child’s activities remotely. 



The best parental control apps provide an easy and reliable way of monitoring your child remotely. However, parental apps come with different features and capabilities. We recommend Minspy, but you will be in safe hands with any of these apps. 

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