Men have been known to generally be not picky in terms of accessories. However, this does not mean that all men would get caught wearing some cheesy watch without any proper forms and designs. Men and their watches areas to women and their purses or bags. It has been a known fact that when men want to feel luxurious and special they often go buy a watch. Not generalizing them, but it is commonly accepted by many.

There are different types of watches and different brands to go through. The man on the go is someone who is hardworking and busy. This is why his choice of watch needs to fit his personal preferences and needs. You need a watch that is stylish, accurate, and durable which you can use for almost any occasion. One of the most famous choices would be any Tag Heuer Connected watch. This is due to its high-quality accuracy and modern look making it one of the go-to watches for the Man on the Go.


The Man on the Go

A man who is always on the road, doing anything he can to earn a living while doing it with style – that is the Man on the Go. He is always ready to do anything, go anywhere and anytime to get that business contract signed or get the task done for his client. Usually, they are very busy and need the proper time wear to aid him inaccurately getting his day properly distributed within the day.

Best Watches For Busy Men

To help him through his rough and busy day he needs the proper timepiece to be at the most productive level that he can possibly be. This is why we have gone to the extent of finding and listing the most accurate and fashionable timepiece money can buy which gets the job done plus looks nice on the wrist.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular Watches

Rather than a standard Swiss mechanical movement, the guts of the Connected Modular is an Intel Atom chip, running Google Android Wear software. It also packs a GPS chip, accelerometer, gyroscope, and other sensors, also as a slightly sensitive display. If you would like a smaller format watch, the Connected Modular is now available in 41mm diameter also because the 45mm version tested.

The marketplace for smartwatches is growing, so it is sensible for a prestige watch brand to urge in on the act. With its sporty image, it’s a natural arena for Swiss brands and therefore the TAG Heuer Connected Modular provides a versatile entrant into the sector.

After Apple’s first wearable device was launched in 2015, the smartwatch industry suddenly had a huge tidal wave just from within a few months after the release. The foremost prominent riposte from the steeped in tradition Swiss watch industry came from TAG Heuer with its Connected watch in November 2015. Powered by a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z34XX chip, flanked by 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage, it featured a huge 46 mm grade 2 titanium case and ran on the Android Wear platform.

The watch’s battery lasts a few days and a touch more counting on usage, which is more or less what you get on the Apple Watch Series 2 also. It comes equipped with a built-in GPS, NFC (for Android Pay), and motion sensors, also as a microphone and ambient light sensors. The Dubai edition is paired with a vulcanized rubber sports strap therein Dubai blue again and is furnished with a further tan calf leather strap with a rubber lining. These two qualities are indeed premium options fit for such a brand known for luxury.


Okay, so what did we really like about this watch? And what do we really think about it? The very fact that you simply can dress it up or down – swap straps to travel from a sporty weekend to a rather more work-casual mode subsequent day. Therein aspect, it feels more sort of a regular watch than a smartwatch. The always-on display is excellent too, but I think this is often getting to drain the battery. Interestingly, it got the eye of friends who’ve never been enthused about wearing a smartwatch.

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