Did you know that there are over 483,000 IT consulting businesses operating in the US? The demand is unsurprising high because the IT industry plays a crucial role in successful businesses.

Are you trying to decide if insourcing IT services or outsourcing IT services are right for your company? Do you know the key differences between insourcing vs. outsourcing services?

The following insourcing and outsourcing IT services guide will explain the advantages of each. Read on to learn how each service works and which is best for your company.


Outsourcing IT Services Benefits

Outsourcing IT services saves money because you don’t have to pay full salaries to employees. You also don’t have to form an entire IT department on-site or spend money on expensive equipment.

Many outsourcing options operate in developing countries. Their rates are typically much lower than local options. They still guarantee experienced IT architecture professionals despite the lower costs.

Outsourcing options provide 24/7 support. There are no additional costs or overtime hours for the added support. Insourced teams usually only work 9 to 5 and require bonuses for extra hours.

Outsourcing IT services prioritize cybersecurity and limit the risks of data loss. They also reduce the threat of technological downtimes.

Insourcing IT Services Benefits

Insourcing IT services gives you more control over processes than outsourcing. It’s easier to guide and monitor an internal team’s work.

An on-site IT team updates and manages your software. They also operate hardware equipment in person. Some businesses prefer this hands-on approach instead of outsourcing.

Insourced teams often provide better communication. They understand your business procedures on a deeper level. This results in more accurate identification of issues and faster solutions.

Insourcing allows you to train IT employees for specific roles in your company. It ensures that you have specialized employees who are ready for non-standard projects.

Insource teams allow more workflow control because they’re reachable at any time. It’s also easier to evaluate and motivate insourced teams.

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Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

Both insourcing and outsourcing offer pros and cons for different situations. Consider your companies budget and if you need more specialized workers. For example, outsourcing is cheaper but lacks the detail of insourcing.

Combining both methods of IT services is another option for your company.  This method can extend your operating hours without spending as much money.

Mixing insourced and outsourced teams is also great to finish projects faster. Both teams can work on the same project during different shifts. It’s a useful technique for meeting strict deadlines.

Which IT Service Is Right for You?

Now you know the difference between insourcing vs. outsourcing. One IT service isn’t necessarily better than the other. It really depends on the specific IT needs and budget of your business.

We hope this brief guide has helped you discover which IT option is the right fit for your next project. Check out the rest of our site for more great tech and business articles to improve your business.

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