With the advancement of technology, much of the responsibility for accounting is being taken off from business owners and focused on the professionals that use these software packages. Likewise, because of new technology, much of the weight of accounting has been taken off from business owners. Now, thanks to mobile apps and cloud-based Accounting Software New Zealand, it’s never been so easy to conduct your business from the road as well. In New Zealand, there are only two major accounting software companies. However, with more people getting online, competition is becoming more fierce, and the companies that remain on top are making large gains in their areas of expertise. So if you’re looking to get the best accounting software, New Zealand is the place to be.


Accounting Express

It is one of the first software packages designed specifically for business accountants and bookkeepers. This software has been downloaded millions of times and continues to be a top choice for online accountants. This software includes everything your accountant needs, including bookkeeping, financial reporting and tax preparation. Accountants love this product because everything they need, they have covered in one package. My Accounting Express is also another excellent online accounting package that is available to accountants today. Its biggest strength lies in its automatic bank feeds. With this package, your accountant can focus less time on bookkeeping and more time on your new leads. With this software, your accountant will also save tons of money on paper and pencils. In addition, my Accounting Express automatically sends your financial data through email.

QuickBooks Online

Another must-have package is QuickBooks Online. This accounting software offers a variety of different solutions to your small business accounting needs. For instance, you can set up an account receivable tracking system that automatically sends payments to customers when due. It even comes with an invoice factoring solution to automatically fact check your invoices.

The best accounting software for small businesses is always Kpac Financial. This software comes in three different options: Company Invoicing, Accountant Only and Complete Business Accounting. Company Invoicing software allows your clients to pay you for your services electronically. Accountant Only will enable you to view and enter invoicing information. Still, your clients cannot change it, while Complete Business Accounting allows you to create statements, print them and assign them to your clients.

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Klepac Accounting Express

It was among the first accounting packages ever designed for sole traders and solo practitioners. The main advantage of using this product is its ability to track your expenses, including labour expenses, taxes, and even your net profits. It also comes with an easy to use form generator to generate invoices, payslips, and checks quickly and easily. It also includes a built-in payroll management system that automates most of your payroll, from entering information manually to transferring payables between payees, assessing deductions and filing taxes at the end of the year.


It is an outstanding tool for small business owners who operate in multiple currencies. You can manage all of your invoicing and billing transactions in more than one currency. It also features a free online translation service that can translate any document into the country’s language where it was created. So, for example, if you’re sending a translated Spanish bill to a client in Mexico, you can get the account transferred properly.


XEROPOOLS is the complete accounting package designed specifically for small businesses. It includes powerful features ideal for day-to-day small business accounting tasks, including sales, accounting, and financial tracking. People can also use it outside of your company to help them manage their finances. It’s great for people who are on temporary assignments because it’s fast to set up and can be integrated with existing systems seamlessly. It’s available in English and Spanish and was designed for total ease of use, even for non-techies.

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