You could say that we’re living in a digital world; every student was born into the age of the web, they do not know life without connectivity and that is no fault of their own. The first ten years of this century saw an explosion of digital tech, with Apple leading the way and while we all love the World Wide Web, the Internet of Things is coming.


Formal Education & IT Integration

Look at any of the top Bangkok International Schools and you will see technology at every level and as the students progress through the grades, they integrate more tech into their studies. From the age of 7, a child would be able to create folders, access their online profile and generally manage their data and once they hit secondary grades, all assignments are submitted by electronic mail.

The Power of Self-Learning

Imagine being able to ask a search engine a question and receiving tens of thousands of links with the answer! That’s exactly what you have with Google and students know how to carry out advanced searches, making the best use of the service. Active learning brings about the best learning outcomes and the top-rated countries such as the UK and the US are project-based, which means digital tech is an essential component. Montessori schools are amazing, click here for details.

Safety on the Internet

Students are taught about the dangers when online; they know that a profile is just a set of data and nothing more, they would not be drawn in by groomers and understand best practices when surfing the web. Cyber-security is also on the menu, which introduces safe practices, while students also know how to use major applications such as Office 365, Adobe Photoshop and they can build a website from scratch.

Social Media

Students are closely monitored, especially regarding the amount of time they use social media; digital tech is primarily a tool for learning and kids should not be giving too much time to social media platforms. Sure, Facebook is a great way to connect with friends and there’s nothing wrong with that, yet parents are advised to keep an eye on their teenage kids, ensuring they don’t spend all day glued to their device screen.

Wireless Environment

Most schools are not set up for wireless Broadband, which keeps all connected within the campus. The days of cables and wires are almost over; desktop PCs will soon be replaced by the quad-core tablet, a device that every student has.

IT Competency

This is the goal for most learning institutions; we have to move with the times and computing is a part of our lives; today’s students can draw you a detailed diagram of the inner workings of a PC, it kind of comes natural to them, they were born into the digital age and are often way ahead of their parents.

Digital tech is an integral component of 21st-century education and when choosing a school for your child, make sure they are IT-focused.

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