What is Justlearn?

Justlearn is a platform where students from various places learn different languages from excellent linguistic teachers and native teachers. Therefore, the students from across multiple areas get the exposure of getting to know new languages. It is also a place where people can improve their linguistic skills and try to learn the tricks and quick methods to adapt to the original language in a faster and more comfortable manner.


How to become a tutor at Justlearn?

At Justlearn, they go through the teachers’ profiles consciously before making any judgment, and if they do not find the resume suitable for the domain they are asking for, they will reject those profiles.

Advantages of Justlearn?

As of now, many students are going abroad to pursue their dream career; it has become mandatory for them to learn the specific language of the country. E.g., German, Spanish, French, etc. In Germany, it is compulsory for a student who wants to pursue his further studies or work in Germany to have a good command over the language; otherwise, they would not allow the person to do it over there.

How Justlearn Works?

For teaching Justlearnuse’s zoom to connect with students and teachers. The teaching is purely based on video conferencing so that many students can relate to one specific teacher at a particular time, and every student would get the benefits for it.

Video conferencing makes it easy for the student to learn the new language sitting at their home at their comfort without any hurdle. It has been possible because of the updates in technology; otherwise, all these would be impossible with obsolete technology.

How Justlearn is one of the fastest Growing ED-Tech company

Justlearn has been a growing company. Nowadays, many people are going abroad for many reasons. Going to offline coaching classes would not be easily accessible and affordable to them. Therefore, when many students would be admitted to learn the language, the company profits would increase. Due to the upcoming opportunities in foreign countries, it becomes a more accessible platform for the students to engage in it.

Learning materials 

Justlearn, different tutors have different study materials to make the students understand the tricks and shortcuts. For example, if the student would prefer to learn one language at a time, the specific teacher would be teaching them would make the study material available to them quickly. The students do not have to roam around here and there to get the study materials.

Quality services 

Justlearn, provide highly qualified teachers to make the students learn. Therefore they always prefer quality rather than quantity. When the service providers offer quality education, the students also get the services received to them. Because as of now, the service providers are everywhere. The only thing that differentiates them from the other competitors Is the quality they are providing in comparison to the competitors, which automatically becomes the company’s trademark.

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