If you’re looking for the best PCB manufacturer, here are a few things to look for. Customer service is a critical component in the best PCB manufacturer’s rankings. Look for a company that provides excellent support to its customers, offers a wide variety of services, and has relevant certification. You can even find a manufacturer with an industry-recognized certification. If a manufacturer does not have the certification you need, look elsewhere.



If you are looking for a reputable printed circuit board manufacturer, then Gultech is the company to choose. Founded in 1985, this company specializes in the manufacturing of circuit boards for consumer electronics. Its parent company, Hangzhou Xinsanilan Electronics Company Limited, has been in the business of PCB manufacturing for over thirty years. In 2011, a subsidiary called Guangde Xinsanilan Electronics Company was founded to act as the R&D arm for the parent company and has been in operation ever since.

As of 2002, Gultech had plans to expand its plant in Raleigh to produce 9,900 panels per month, but decided against it last year. The company restructured its operations and planned to expand to China and Singapore. Revenue from this plant was not significant when compared to its larger plants in Suzhou, China, and Singapore. Clearly, the company needs to make some major changes if it plans to remain competitive in the global market.


If you’re looking for a printed circuit board manufacturer, look no further than TechnoTronix, located in Anaheim, California. They specialize in PCB fabrication, prototyping, and assembly services. Plus, their services include everything from product layout to manufacturing to warehousing and shipping. The company prides itself on customer retention and continually improves its quality standards. Here are just a few reasons why TechnoTronix is the best printed circuit board manufacturer for your project.

As one of the first PCB manufacturers, TechnoTronix was founded in 1974 and is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. They offer a wide range of PCB manufacturing services, from prototypes to short and medium runs, and guarantee their products’ quality and delivery. Their services include design for manufacturing and testing, and a 100% quality guarantee. They also offer bare boards and custom circuit boards. And you can even get your PCBs assembled – you just need to provide the components and PCB material.

Camptech II Circuits

For high-quality PCB fabrication, look no further than Camptech II Circuits Inc. with headquarters in Markham, Ontario. Offering both prototype and small to medium production services, they support any build volume. In addition to standard lead-times of 2 weeks, they offer expedited delivery. Whether you need a prototype or are looking for a high-volume supplier, Camptech II Circuits is the company for you.

In addition to the PCB fabrication services, Camptech II Circuits is also an ISO and UL-certified company. They are capable of accommodating projects of any size and offer quick turnaround, low-cost PCB assembly, and high-quality, multi-layer PCBs for demanding applications. The company also accepts small and medium-volume orders, as well as UL and IATF-16949-certified PCBs.


Listed among the top PCB manufacturers, ALLPCB is a full-service electronic service manufacturer that offers comprehensive PCB and PCBA services. In addition to offering the best prices in the industry, ALLPCB continues to break rules and innovates in technology and services. Recently, ALLPCB announced three new service rules: free engineering fee service for FR4 general parameters and 1-2 layers PCB prototypes. All PCB is also offering 50%-70% off on the prototyping order of 1-2 layer PCBs.

Customer service is an essential component to any PCB manufacturer’s success. Some companies don’t have their own customer service teams and instead hand off customer support calls to sales representatives. While most companies employ highly skilled sales representatives, it’s important to check if your chosen manufacturer has a customer support team based in the same time zone as you. If the team is spread across different time zones, it can be difficult to reach them.

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