Making an invoice should not be disregarded in your business practices as a small business owner or freelancer, since it is just as important as providing outstanding deliverables. In Microsoft Excel, you may create an invoice in four distinct methods, one of which is by utilizing an excel invoice template. This post will walk you through all of your options.

Do you need assistance with creating an invoice in Excel? Creating a professional-looking invoice for your client using WeInvoice Excel invoice models could be your best bet. It is, above all, unrestricted and unrestricted.

WeInvoice’s incredible invoice generators contain creative and adaptable features that let you insert as many fields and details as you need.


The good invoice templates from WeInvoice may also be altered. We understand that every company is unique and has its own set of requirements. You can easily edit the invoice in any word processor and add/remove sections as required. This will allow you to create succinct invoices that represent your company’s business practices.


WeInvoice is a fantastic tool for automating the accounting and invoicing processes. Download the templates and submit the bills from anywhere, including your mobile phone. You’ll never go without pay because you couldn’t design and submit invoices on time.

Here’s How To Use The Weinvoice To Generate An Invoice:

Step 1: First thing you need to do, create a WeInvoice free account. This simple form allows you to input your name, company name, email address, and password in less than 15 seconds. Click Create when you’re finished.

Step 2: Start the procedure by selecting Invoice Generator. You will be prompted for information on this page, starting with your company profile. On the right, a box with the wording “Click here to modify your logo” appears, indicating the logo’s location.

Step 3: In the ‘Bill To:’ column, enter the information for your client. The name of the client’s business, its address, the invoice date, and the due date should all be mentioned.

Step 4: In the Description section, make a list of the products you’re looking for. This section will provide item names, specifications, prices, and quantities, as well as other pertinent information.

This editable section allows you to add or remove entries from the list. The option to add a line shows when the mouse pointer hovers over an active row, allowing you to add new entity.

Step 5: Fill in the tax rates and discounts that are required. At the bottom, the balance will be listed as the Amount Due.

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How to Create Invoices in Excel from Scratch

Creating an invoice from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming, but with the right guidance, you should be able to draft one quickly. Here’s how to make an invoice from scratch in Excel:

Start Microsoft Excel.

Open Microsoft Excel and go to the upper left side of the home page and choose “blank workbook.” If a blank document opens automatically for Mac users, skip this stage.

Make an invoice.

Create a heading for your invoice before starting to write it. The heading should include your company’s or brand’s name, a description, the date, and the invoice amount. You can use individual numbers for each of your clients or use a global numbering scheme instead for the invoice total.

Enter the sender’s and recipient’s addresses.

Fill in your and your client’s details at the top of the invoice. Require the following information for your client: business name, client address, phone number, email address, and payable person’s account name.

Name, phone number, email, and company addresses should all be included in your contact information.

Please fill in your billing details.

Fill in various sets of columns with your billing details. A summary of the product or service rendered, the number of goods, the price cost, and the total amount payable for each item sold or service rendered are all included in this billing information.

Fill in the payment terms.

Fill in the payment terms to the left or right of the billing detail. Payment terms are commonly defined as “due within 30 days” or “due on receipt.”

Accepted payment methods and a customer appreciation message are possible additions to this segment (s).

Invoices to be saved

Finally, save your job. You may name the file after your client or their company name to differentiate it from those you’ve created in the past or would create in the future.

To do this on Windows, go to the toolbar and select File, then Save As. This should bring up a dialogue box where you can choose where the file should be saved.


While you should be able to design your own invoice excel from scratch with ease, using this guide, editing a personalized template is a more convenient option. For both simple and advanced needs, WeInvoice has a large library of customizable excel invoice models. Its invoice generator is also jam-packed with features assisting you in creating that custom, professional-looking invoice.

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