The games that have been played with cards always intrigued the minds of people throughout the world. It is without a doubt the most exciting game to be played with friends. The thrill and excitement in the middle of the game as the player kept waiting for the dealer to unfold the cards is what makes the game more exciting as well as interesting.

Card games are one of the oldest games to be played. According to records, card games were first coming into existence in European society around the late 14th century. At that time it was considered to be a luxury game, as those cards were hand-made by artisans. However, we have left those days long behind us.  Thanks to the internet and the rising sensation of mobile games, card games have become a widely played game on earth.

The most widely played games are blackjack, go fish, baccarat, solitaire, and so on. However, as of now. One of the most played online card games is the Rummy. It has gained immense popularity among young and old for its simple rules applied to the game. One of the best websites to play free rummy games online is Playship. It is a great platform where you can play rummy and win money.


How to play Rummy

In order to play this game the minimum number of players should be 2. You and your opponent. It has no restriction on a maximum number of players as the player playing this game can be increased over 5.

Here’s a comprehensive detail about the rules involved in Rummy games.

  • In a single rummy round, full decks of cards are dealt, which have all four suits.
  1. Heart – Red
  2. Spade – Black
  3. Diamond – Red
  4. Clubs – Black
  • Each one of the suites has 13 cards. With the face value starting from A to K. Each of these face cards has a 10 point. However, there are few rummy games where A is considered to have the lowest value. While on the others it has the highest value.
  • The cards need to be arranged in two types, sequence, and sets.

1. Sequence

In order to make a valid sequence, you have to organize the same suit card in a single order. For example, J Q K A of Black Spade.

2. Set

In a set, you have to arrange 3 or 4 same cards in order. for example 4 Q cards or 3 King cards.

  • The game will start with a toss, where the dealer will withdraw a card from the remaining deck. The player having the card that has a higher value than the randomly dealt card can start the game.
  • As the games progressed, the first one to make the valid declaration will be considered the winner.
  • A valid declaration can be either a set or a sequence.

Here we have discussed the basics of how to play rummy. It is without a doubt, the best game to spend time on. You should play this free rummy game online and explore the fun and thrill of the game.

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