We bring to your attention information that will help you better prepare for a trip abroad for language programs. If you do not have a frequent practice of traveling abroad, then in the process of collecting, crossing the border, studying, living, you may encounter problems or misunderstandings that can be avoided if you follow our advice. They can be used by people of any age, who for the first time decided to devote their vacation to improving a foreign language. You may also need an International SIM card USA to make your telecommunication cheaper and reliable when you visit the abroad nation.



Tip 1 . Be sure to take with you: a valid passport; air tickets; insurance policy; if your minor child is going to study, then the notarized permission of the parents for his independent travel abroad.

Tip 2 . We recommend taking with you: a copy of your passport; a student card (if any) and / or a photograph for a student card, which will be issued at a language school and which provides benefits for travel on public transport, visits to museums and other discounts.


Tip 3 . When packing a suitcase, take into account the climate of the place of study and remember that basically you will need democratic and comfortable clothes, comfortable and durable shoes.

Tip 4 . Do not forget about things for “special occasions”: for visiting the theater, discos, the beach, for practicing various sports, picnics, hiking, etc. A beach bag, sunglasses and a towel, a hat or baseball cap, sneakers, a roomy backpack will be useful.

Tip 5 . Bed linen and towels are likely to be provided, but you need to take care of your own shampoo, soap, toothpaste, brush and comb.

Tip 6 . Capturing the vivid moments of relaxation and study requires a charged camera, so don’t forget a charger, power bank, or spare battery pack.

Tip 7 . For study, a notebook or notebook, pens, and a pocket dictionary (or an application on the phone) will be completely useful.

Tip 8 . If you have chosen a host family as an accommodation option, grab some souvenirs for future “relatives”. Small gifts will help establish a warm relationship with them from the first minutes of meeting. We recommend grabbing a couple of boxes of chocolates with Russian symbols and other souvenirs.


Tip 9 . If your child takes a mobile phone with him, check with your operator in advance about the terms of roaming services (minimum balance, ways to replenish the account, etc.). Typically, each operator enters into a roaming agreement with several local networks. Having received information about the tariffs, you can choose the most economical option. Explain to your child how to “catch” the desired net. If the term of study exceeds a month, it is advisable to connect a telephone with a local operator. Prices and conditions can be found in advance via the Internet.

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Tip 10 . Clearly formulate the purpose of the trip: in the first place – study, rest – in the second. And be positive about getting the most out of the upcoming training.

Tip 11 . Classes are preceded by testing, according to the results of which students, depending on their knowledge, are divided into groups. The purposefulness and effectiveness of further training depends on this.

Tip 12 . Read and follow the school policies. Immediately collect information about the services (self-study center, library, multimedia room, etc.), the rules for their provision (a small security deposit may be required) and use them one hundred percent.

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