The main interesting fact about the US Postal Service is that about 509 million letters are delivered every day. When you send a letter with no proper stamp, this letter will be delayed in delivery and may be sent back to you. The receiver may have to send the balance before claiming his message. People are collecting stamps for different reasons.

Naturally, any stamp collector wants their valuable set of stamps to have stamp values that could be worth a lot of money. If you’re someone who thinks this way, you’re in for a surprising revelation, because the painful truth about stamp collection is that approximately 98% of all stamps are worthless or the same as their hand.


How much is a stamp worth 2020?

The price in 49 cents for the high-class mail letter and it’s set at one oz. You have to pay 21 cents for each extra cent if the weight increases. The cost for postcards is 34 cents and USD 1.15 for foreign stamps. The listed prices are for exclusive and standard rectangular envelopes that can include greeting cards and letters.

The high standard delivery time for mail is 3 working days, and the cover can be USD 5000 in case of damage or failure. Such stamps can also be found on the post office and the post office web. You can get them by cash, credit and debit cards. Online retailers sell stamps for postage are many. The $0.16 doesn’t sound like much, but when you mail thousands of letters, that number quickly adds up. Knowing how shipping saves money will only help in the long run. Forever stamps most usually come in books.

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How to Determine Stamp Values?

If you are planning to sell your stamps or are simply curious about what the stamp values of your collection are, then you have five options determine the stamp values by yourself, check out a printed book as a reference, search the stamp values over the Internet, attend a stamp show or take it to a stamp expert or dealer who offers professional stamp assessment services to help you determine the stamp values of your collection.

On the stamps, the value is given. It becomes easier for correct postage. When the prices rise then the user needs to use more stamps. USPS gave a non-dimensional stamp in 2007. These stamps are known as Forever Stamps. The customer can purchase them and can send a first-class letter even if the rate of the postal goes up.

Find out the Stamp Values by Yourself

  • Identify the stamp
  • Identify when the stamp was issued
  • Consider the age of the stamp and the material used
  • Determine the centering of the template
  • Check the stamp gum
  • Determine the state of the perforations
  • See if the stamps have been cancelled or not

Find out the rarity of the stamp

You can still capitalize on bulk discount shipping rates with first-class presort stamps. These have the same eye-impact as usual stamps. Your letter shop should be in a position to automate the live stamp posting process to get the mailing out quickly and into the hands of your audience immediately.

Because the eyes are with conditioned to prioritize mail posted with live stamps, and also by using postage stamps can directly mail campaign within a leg up when used appropriately. You boost your chances of getting over the first hurdle of getting opened and read with the right postage. Moreover lets us consider the potential lifetime value of acquiring a new company, and it’s hard to put a price on it.

How To Know If Stamps are Valuable?

If you’re a collector, you’re probably still thinking market value. You have an idea of which stamps are most essential and which nation stamps. Hold your stamps updated to track market changes. This knowledge acts as a reference to the importance of your collection. Start with Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogues, which are United States benchmark sources. The data is updated annually. -the stamp has two list prices: one for new or unused condition, and one for current. Most libraries have catalog copies.

How to Get a Stamp Appraisal?

Get an estimate limited stamp appraisal of what your stamps and also worth by getting an appraisal before they are sold. When valuing a collection, an appraiser may take different approaches. You will discover, for instance, your stamps.

  • Catalog value
  • Replacement value (through insurance)
  • Wholesale cost if purchased by a dealer
  • Potential auction price
  • Retail price if sold in a store

The condition of your stamp collection determines the final selling price, as buyers all opt for sound stamps. Postal stamps do not bear the highest rates when torn, creased, mildewed, stuck together, clustered or humidity-damaged. The following precautions should, therefore, be taken during the time when you determine the value of your set.

Keep the collection of the stamps at warm, moderate room temperature. Avoid attics or basements, as temperatures are both hot and cold, or humidity damage from stamps. When storing stamp albums, put these in an upright position. Do not stack them on top of each other as other’s weight appears to trap stamps.

However, the first-class stamps are very popular and traditional but are not only available in size. The makeup stamps are popular at the time of the transition because they are readily available in cents. Customers use these stamps, and they have to pay for the difference between new and old stamps. Before the rise in stamp rate, people buy those stamps.

The determination of stamp values for stamp sets, old stamps, and new stamps is highly dependent on what kind of stamps they are. There are many different measures on how to work out stamp values and how important the stamps are. The only sure way to know the right stamp values on your own is to learn how to analyze your collection thoroughly and, of course, that takes some time, effort to get the stamps which are readily available.

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