Are you concerned your boyfriend is seeing someone else since he is constantly chatting? Worry no more, today you can easily read all your boyfriend’s text messages thanks to online spy apps.

However, finding the right spy app for the job can be a hassle. Fortunately, we have done the heavy lifting for you by compiling the 5 reliable apps you can use. Spy apps provide the easiest and reliable way you can read his texts.

Read on to find the 5 most reputable surveillance apps you can use to read your boyfriend’s text messages.

#1 Spyine – The yardstick in phone surveillance

As one of the most reputable surveillance apps, Spyine has revolutionized phone surveillance. On the Spyine website, you can easily access a demo of all the features the app gives to all its users.

Besides giving your access to your boyfriend’s text messages, Spyine has over 30 surveillance features. Its features and capabilities are gaining the attention of media outlets like Forbes and PCmag.

What’s more, Spyine has over a million users worldwide. Besides, it has a 96% customer approval rating which is the highest in the industry. With Spyine, you can easily look up your boyfriend’s text message.

Unmatched Spyine features

Below are some of the features you get with this surveillance that is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

1. Text message and social media surveillance

Spyine allows you to read both incoming and outgoing text messages on your boyfriend’s phone. The app even allows you to see all the contacts involved. Besides, Spyine even lets you access chats on social media platforms.

With Spyine, you can read chats on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, and Snapchat among others. Best of all, Spyine backs up all the conversations on its server to ensure you can read deleted chats.

You can see all the shared images, videos, and documents on all these social platforms. So, you will know who your boyfriend is chatting with online and offline through text messages.

2. Location tracking

With this feature, Spyine allows you to spy on all the movements of your boyfriend. The app provides you with precise GPS coordinates of his device’s whereabouts. It even lets you know his location history.

What’s more, Spyine comes with an interactive map that lets you see all the movements. Also, you get a geofence feature that lets you set a virtual boundary around your boyfriend’s phone.

The geofence feature lets you know when he leaves the set boundary.

3. Keylogger

The keylogger feature in Spyine records all the keystrokes made on your boyfriend’s phone. It captures even personal details like usernames and passwords typed on his device.

To make it easy to access the keystrokes, Spyine groups all the keystrokes by app.

4. Call log and contact surveillance

With Spyine, you can easily spy on your boyfriend’s phone calls and contacts. The app tracks all dialed, received, and missed calls on his phone. Also, it establishes the frequently contacted phone number on his phone.

Besides, you get to access all the contacts on his phone.

Note: Best of all, you won’t have to root or jailbreak your boyfriend’s device to read his text messages. Also, Spyine is safe and works in the background to avoid interfering with his device performance. This way, he can’t suspect anything.

#2 Neatspy

Another top-performing, reliable phone surveillance app is Neatspy. The app can not only help you read your boyfriend’s text messages but also accomplish much more.

Neatspy can spy on his Android and iOS devices online. This is a web-based surveillance app that lets you spy on your boyfriend’s device remotely and discreetly. Above all, no rooting or jailbreaking necessary to use Neatspy.

The app comes with more than 30 surveillance features that can spy on any aspect of his device. Neatspy is popular with parents who wish to track all the activities of their children.

#3 ClickFree

As one of the latest phone surveillance apps around, ClickFree has a lot to offer. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. To make it easy to spy on your boyfriend’s text messages, ClickFree doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking.

What’s more, ClickFree is a comprehensive spy app equipped with multiple features. This way, you can spy a lot more on your boyfriend’s device besides text messages.

The app can spy on virtually any installed app and calls among others. Its operations are discreet making it difficult for your boyfriend to detect your activities. It is a web-based spy app that lets you spy on him remotely.

#4 Minspy

This is another new surveillance app that lets you read your boyfriend’s text messages. With Minspy, you can accomplish much more besides spying on his text messages. The app comes with more than 30 surveillance features.

Thanks to its features, you can monitor his whereabouts, social media activities, and chats. He won’t be able to hide anything from you. Also, Minspy is an online surveillance app that allows you to spy on his activities remotely.

With Minspy, you can read his text messages on iOS and Android without him knowing. Also, you won’t need technical know-how to use Minspy for your surveillance needs.

#5 Spyic

Spyic is a veteran surveillance app with a reputation for delivering reliable service. It lets you spy on all your boyfriend’s text messages online via a web browser. With Spyic, you can spy on his Android and iOS devices.

Besides, the app comes with over 35 surveillance features capable of spying on any aspect. It can spy on his social media apps, location, calls, browser activity, keystrokes, and browser activity.

You won’t miss anything on his device using Spyic.


The only reliable way you can read your boyfriend’s text messages is through a surveillance app. In this guide, we showed the 5 most reliable ways of reading his messages. You can use any of them, but we recommend Spyine.

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