Instagram, also known as ig or insta, is a social network platform where people are going to post pictures and videos instantly. Within a short period, posted content reached followers. A person can gain more popularity through proper utilization of Instagram features such as videos, igtvs, reels, pictures, stories, and live.

Do you also want to become a popular Instagrammer who has tons of free Instagram followers? Then follow the tips that we mention below.


How to Become More Popular on Instagram

Design Attractive Bio

Design a front page bio with an attractive quotation that is related to the content available on the page shows the impact on users. In the bio, you can include website URLs, youtube links, activate the contact button, include hashtags, use emojis, and so on. design an attractive Instagram profile picture.

Use Trending Hashtags

Post videos or pictures by using trendy hashtags leads to reach more accounts. If you want the fast movement in public use more than 5 to 7 trending hashtags that are related to posting content. try to make hashtags part in stories. Don’t use a single hashtag repeatedly in every post, try to give new tags. While using a hashtag make sure that your account is in a public mode. confirm that you are starting using # while posting, don’t give space while typing a hashtag.

Frequent Post and Find the Best Timing to Post

Post images and videos frequently, it is necessary to post at least 3 to 5 posts that include interesting content. Know about scheduling Instagram posts to save time. the best time to post an Instagram post in the morning is above 10 am to 12 pm, in the evenings between 6 to 9 pm. On the weekend days from 9 am to 10 pm you can post because no one has a busy schedule on those days.

Add Instagram Story

Add stories can attract followers, while adding stories make sure that you are going to include tags like location, mention, hashtags, music, timings, polls, include ask your question, tags stickers, gif to design a story attractively.

Engage With Followers

Communicate with your followers frequently through Instagram live, in chat sessions, regular polling sections, and ask-you question tags. Interacting with followers can create a positive environment. try to ask about feedback to know page opinion.

Explore New Thing in Posts

Instagram has various functions that help to post the content if you are going with a trend like exploring new content that attracts viewers and leads to increased followers. Think innovatively while designing a post, use the editing option to change the post’s looks. Make sure that you are trying to post trending and new activity content. In the present situation explore pages have high popularity. Explore innovative content in reels, use trending editing options in reels and images.

Increasing page popularity through paid promotions is trading in nowadays, contacting popular pages in insta to post content related to your page by mentioning your page user name with a caption is happening in paid promotions.

Don’t Forget to Include Captions

Know about how to write captions related to content. In some time caption attracts followers, for business profiles caption is the best way to connect with Instagram followers. Captions are important as the images and videos.


To gain popularity, Instagram is the best option. With a little bit of hard work, you are able to get popularity to your page. Don’t encourage fake followers concept, maybe it leads to downfall. Go with unique content, with a strategy it leads to better success. Follow all strategies we listed above and you are sure to know how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes in the right way.

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