Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offered by Google is a suite of cloud computing services which are run on the same infrastructure as that of other Google products such as the Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Along with the management tools, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) also provides the customers with a series of modular cloud services which includes computing, machine learning, data analytics and data storage.

As of year, 2020, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is available in around 24 regions and 73 zones. Some of the other services provided by Google which are similar to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Functions, etc.

Google Cloud Platform


Elements of Google Cloud Platform:

There are a few elements of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which attract people to sell on Google Cloud Platform. They are –

  1. Google Compute Engine

The Google Compute Engine is an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) service which was introduced by the Google. This service provides you with VMs which are similar to the Amazon EC2.

  1. Cloud Functions

This serverless platform is used exclusively by Google cloud computing to build an event-based microservices. This platform works extremely fast and has an automatic scaling property as well. Currently, this platform id in the alpha-testing FaaS service.

  1. Container Registry

Container Registry is like a private Docker image storage for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This storage is quite fast with the regional repositories, advanced authentication, search images. Container tags, docker CLI integration and nearline storage integration.

  1. Google App Engine

Google App Engine is one of the major elements of Google Cloud Platform. This is a PaaS service that hosts the applications of the users directly. It is also a very powerful platform through which you can develop mobile as well as web applications that have automatic scaling functionalities.

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  1. Google Container Engine

Google Container Engine which is one of the major elements of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), it allows the user to run the docker containers on GCP which are then triggered by the Kubernetes. Some of their different features are: identity and access management, hybrid networking, Docker support and others.

Advantages to achieve by selling on Google Cloud Platform:

You can achieve the below mentioned seven advantages if you sell on Google Cloud Platform. They are –

  1. By selling on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), your business can achieve higher productivity by having quick access to innovation and technology with the platform delivers.
  2. There are no large disruptive changes in this platform, so with less disruption in changes, the users and customers can adopt the new functions and features without any problems.
  3. You can work from anywhere around the world through this platform and can have customers from around the world as well.
  4. You can also collaborate with the platform itself or with some other businesses on a project.
  5. The security which the Google Cloud Platform provides protects the customers from any harm or fraud with the help of their security experts.
  6. The platform saves only few data when working through the vulnerable devices.
  7. The users and customers can get a higher uptime through GCP and they also have a sense of reliability while working through this platform.

So, the elements and the advantages of the Google Cloud Platform attract the businesses and companies to sell on it.

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