PMP certification is a top-ranked globally acknowledged professional certification of the field which is capable of enhancing the credentials of the people very easily. This particular certification will always help in expanding the market reach of the people and will also help in showcasing the ability to handle critical aspects and projects very easily. This particular field will be including different kinds of processes of the PMP exam and some of those are:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Controlling and monitoring
  • Closing

To attain the best possible PMP certification people need to be very much skilled about all the above-mentioned processes and the following are some of the basic topics included in the PMP certification Mumbai:

Project scope management: This particular aspect will include two factors which will be the direct relation with the work required for completing and delivering the project or service and secondly it will be based upon features and functions which will be characterising the products and services. This particular aspect will help in making sure that concerned individuals will become experts from initiating the delivery of the product.

  • Project risk management: This topic will help in focusing on controlling risk within the projects and the major focus will be to indulge in proper risk management, identification of risk, performing of the qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and several other kinds of related aspects.
  • Project quality management: This particular process will help in ensuring the quality of the end product or service within the project management. It will also help in determining the quality policies, responsibilities and objectives in the whole process to be undertaken very professionally.
  • Project cost management: This is the best possible process which will be based upon utilisation of technology in terms of measuring the cost and productivity of the whole process. It will also help in estimating the cost, determining the budget and controlling the cost element.
  • Project time management: This will be the comprehensive process of distributing and monitoring the time into project management so that it will help in ensuring the completion of the project within the proper time. It will always make sure that people will be able to deal with the certainty element in the whole process very easy.
  • Project integration management: This is the process that will help in ensuring that all the requirements within the project will be perfectly coordinated. It will also include the integration of the development process, execution process and integration-based change and control systems in the whole process.
  • Project human resource management: It will include the identification and documentation of the roles along with responsibilities and required skills. It will mainly be based upon organisational planning, acquisition of staff and development of teams. This particular aspect will help in formulating the strategic approach towards managing the organisations most valuable assets so that overall goals are easily achieved.

Professional and social responsibility, procurement management and communication management are also very commonly included topics in the PMP certification training. Having a good command of all the above-mentioned points is advisable to become successful project management professionals in the industry.

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