Weddings are a sacred time to gather together and celebrate as two families become one. However, they’re also expensive, time-consuming, and a massive undertaking to plan.

If you’re newly engaged and planning for the future, technology can reduce your expenses and save you weeks of prep work. Read on for three of the best wedding planning tools that can help you with everything from graphic design to your reception layout.

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    A Wedding Website

When you think about the things that eat into a wedding budget and planning time fastest, you’ll probably picture the dress, the venue, and the food. While these are all huge factors, smaller things like sending invitations can also add up quickly.

That’s why 79% of engaged couples these days are building a wedding website. Wedding websites can digitize and simplify invites, RSVPs, gift registries, directions, and even photo sharing after the event. Use a free drag-and-drop website builder like Wix to create a gorgeous custom site without spending a dime.

  1. A Program Maker

Even if you’ve digitized your registry, invitations, and RSVP cards, you’ll likely still want to give your guests a personal keepsake to take home from your big day. Wedding programs are a fantastic option for this.

When it comes to wedding program design, most people think of three options:

  • hiring a professional designer
  • buying a pre-made template
  • making your own

Hiring a professional designer offers you the most customization options, but it often comes at a high price. Buying a pre-made template that you type your information into is far cheaper, but the designs often look cookie-cutter and may not reflect your personality.

That leaves making your own wedding programs. Even if you aren’t graphically inclined, you can still use software programs like this free wedding program maker. It gives you a selection of free templates to start from, but if you don’t like the colors or want a different background image, you can customize them any way you want.

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  1. Wedding Reception Floor Plan Tool

Now that you have the bulk of the early planning done, it’s time to focus on the setup. You’ll likely need to rent tables and chairs, plan out how the food and drinks will be served, and set up a gift table and photo booth, all while leaving room for the dance floor.

Some wedding venues will let you bring a tape measure into the space and measure things in person, but many will only provide you with dimensions and ask you to wait until your reservation. When that’s the case, use a free wedding table plan tool or 3D event diagram maker like Social Tables. You can put in the dimensions of the reception area and try out different layouts before ever renting a table or seeing the venue.

These Wedding Planning Tools Will Save You Time and Money

Whether you’re planning a massive shindig or an intimate religious ceremony, wedding planning can take a lot out of you. Instead of stressing out about where to put tables and what your programs will look like, use these wedding planning tools to make the job easier. They’ll help you make sure this precious day turns out exactly as you dreamed—without breaking the bank or losing your mind.

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