An ‘Instagram influencer’ status has been in vogue since the digitization and revolutionary breakthrough of the social media app. Instagram influencers have influenced the market in many ways –

A study conducted by Olapic found that 49 percent of consumers were more likely to make a purchase, provided the commodity was endorsed by a real individual. Instagram influencers have been ranked as the sixth most effective at influencing buyers and facilitating purchases.

Henceforth, it is only natural for a person to be motivated towards being an Instagram influencer. However, this domain is packed with brimming competition. A person needs to be influential, impactful, and must devise ways that are not only helpful but also budget-friendly.


Boosting Your Influencer Status

One needs to follow a certain set of protocols and guidelines in order to be a successful Instagram influencer and make money advertising on Instagram while being on a budget.

Here are 8 ways that an individual needs can ensure to attain an influencer status –

Pick a Niche

One of the most important steps towards becoming an Instagram influencer is picking a niche.

It is advisable to select particular expertise that a person excels at. Working on something in which a person is proficient at, would immensely help him gain overwhelming popularity.

Starting a blog that can further engage the audience would help build a stronger brand. Having a blog is a great way to create interactive content, diversify voice, and get closer to one’s Instagram audience.

By transforming Instagram followers to website visitors and subscribers, a person can stay in touch more efficiently and publish even better content.

Instagram Aesthetic Appeal

A powerful and creative Instagram aesthetic must comply with one’s selected niche, as it would give off a sense of sophistication and dedication towards a person’s true passion.

For instance, influencers in the domain of food usually upload food pictures they created and exotic food items from across the globe.

It is important to learn how to click great photos. An influencer doesn’t need to be a professional photographer but has some amateur skills that can be gained easily by following tutorials online. The next step is to decide the outlook of the Instagram page.

Ask questions like – what should be the core colors of the feed? What kind of filter would suffice with most uploads? It is advisable to stick with one or two colors to remain consistent and professional.

Write Meaningful captions And Intellectual Posts

Uploading great posts is a positive step in the right direction. However, the posts would lose their luster without a meaningful caption.

An influencer must add a sense of personality to his/her Instagram captions to complement the beauty of the brand.

One of the best ways to recognize a person’s brand personality is to write two to four adjectives that best describe it.

Thousands of millennials and teenagers follow influencers’ Instagram accounts because their language and personality resonate with them inside out.

Posts must not be uploaded meaninglessly or without blending in with the whole aesthetic appeal of one’s account. It is also paramount to stay-in-vogue with hot trends to attract more followers.

Hashtag It Appropriately

Hashtags are important to significantly increase your following. Posts with hashtags gain 12.6% more engagement than others. Hashtags work as a sort of keyword while a person searches for a particular product related to the influencer’s brand.

For instance, if the influencer is in the skincare niche, the #skincare can be effective for users to easily navigate to the influencer’s page. Finding a post without the hashtag can be tedious.

Hashtags can be:

  1. Community-specific
  2. Location-specific
  3. Lifestyle-specific
  4. Brand-specific
  5. Challenge-or contest-specific
  6. Campaign-specific
  7. Event-specific
  8. Subject-specific
  9. Product-specific

A post can ideally have 5 to 30 hashtags but not too many to make it look crowded. Some experts found that 11 hashtags per post are a good amount to target. Instagram would automatically stop comments posting on an upload with more than 30 hashtags.

The best way to find a suitable hashtag is to type a keyword related to the post in the search bar.

Post New Content Regularly

Finding your optimal posting frequency is another important factor in learning how to become an Instagram influencer.

Top brands and influencers post an average of 1.5 times per day. Posting regularly will keep followers and potential clients engaged in your brand.

While it’s best to post at least once a day, the number of times a person should post isn’t definite. However, it’s important is to hold on to your post frequency. If an influencer’s weekly engagement falls, their posts shall be ranked lower on Instagram’s algorithm.

Use Video Templates

Uploading creative video templates and clips are bound to impact any viewer more than mere texts or images. Video content is naturally more attractive to the audience and helps them engage in a better way.

Video content delivers the desired message without taking too much of the audience’s time. It is a swift yet highly effective way to boost Instagram influencer status.

Add Soundtrack to Your Ads

Creating a post that has an appealing soundtrack would resonate with users more effectively and keep people glued to the post.

Including a suitable piece of music that is effective for a person’s brand also gives off a more aesthetic appeal alongside fonts and image backgrounds.

Picking the right soundtrack doesn’t have to be so hard as one is exposed to profuse options from a lot of video editing platforms.

The influencer wouldn’t have to worry about facing copyright issues if he/she uses online video editing platforms. This would significantly boost marketing strategies and influential status.

InVideo is a great online video editing tool that offers free slideshow maker with music to help an influencer achieve better results through graphical content.

Final Words

An Instagram influencer needs to adapt to the growing competition and stay in vogue. To make a creative post capable of outshining its competition, a subtle combination of intellect and beauty must be ensured.

The posts must be visually and audibly appealing and budget-friendly. Instagram influencers can significantly throttle-up markets and brand name.

Select a great video editing source to help the best results in creativity. Choose a template that can be used as a base for most of the posts and customize it according to your needs.

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