Way to Make Your PDF Files Stunning

With a world empowered by technology and run by devices, it is essential for us to get acquainted with things that are making this world a better place. Now that we are in the new normal kind of time, technological devices are made more vital, may it be in terms of work or education.

Whatever the case, there seems to be an endless need of converter as they are an indispensable tool in making our file more accessible to a broader audience. And this is where the mighty PDFBear would come in. Its usefulness and versatility in handling all different kinds of conversion allow it to be a requisite tool in every person.

So, suppose by chance, you are on the web to search for an all-around online converter that is hassle-free and efficient to use. Well, you are in luck since PDFBear is here to solve all your conversion problems. The thing is, PDFBear can also optimize, merge, secure, view, and edit your files. So, look no more, PDFBear is here to save your day!


Rotating PDF Files

Files that are not in the right layout make you want to scream at the top of your lungs, but the good thing is that PDFBear is here to soothe all that bumps in the road to success. Their element in which you can rotate PDF files, Through this, it helps your work become easier and more comfortable.

All you have to do is click the “Select Files” button or drag and drop the file you want to rotate. After that, an arrow will appear that was circular, you have to click it in order to have the layout you want. Click apply, and it will be ready to download, and you save you from tons and tons of stress and agony.

Merging and Combining PDF Files

One of the amazing and remarkable feats of using PDFBear is its ability to combine and merge pdf files in the most efficient way you can imagine. With just three simple steps, you can assure that your pdf files will be merged and combined in one. With only a few clicks and ticks, PDFBear has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, with its outstanding capability.

You do not have to lose any crucial sleep by worrying about your files being hacked or the notion of it being compromised since whatever you uploaded it will be deleted into the server within an hour, so you do not have to worry about that kind of stuff and rest your mind in peace.

Compressing PDF Files

I mean, would be more marvelous to have a converter that can perform several tasks and purposes. PDFBear does not only merge or compress or rotate your beloved PDf files, but it can also compress your files.

You can reduce the size of your 20 megabytes pdf into a sensible 2 megabytes with just three easy steps. With as simple as one, two, three large pdf files will be just a passing thought. Together with its platform compatibility with whether Linux, Mac, or Windows, there is no stopping PDFBear.

Deleting Pages

If your dilemma is that your pdf file has an excess page. Well, with PDFBear, you can easily remove or delete that with just a simple sleight of hand. All you need to execute is upload your file and then select the page that you do not want to include in the pdf. Then, choose “apply” in order to have that finished version, then you can download the desired pdf without that icky page/s.

You can perform all of that with just a pesky minute. So, if you are in a sticky situation and that pdf problem needs an immediate solution, then PDFBear in just one click away to solve that dilemma of yours.


There is nothing more fantastic than to have a tool that can do a lot of work and perform tons of stuff. With PDFBear, it does not only champion the field of conversion in optimizing and applying security in your files.

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