Malicious software can settle not only on your site, but also on your computer – and this can also threaten the security of the site. However, viruses often do not manifest themselves, and if the antivirus was unable to protect the PC from infection, then the suspicious activity is sometimes not detected immediately.

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But there are still signs by which one can understand that the computer has become a victim of a virus attack.


Computer Problems

A dramatic decrease in performance that cannot be attributed to obvious reasons may be a sign that a virus has taken over the device. And, probably, he uses additional powers to commit his criminal acts. Frequent sudden shutdowns and frequent device reboots are also a reason to be wary because sometimes this means that a virus is trying to take control of the PC and destabilizing the system. Moreover, it also happens that the computer seems to begin to live its own life: programs start themselves, sleep mode suddenly stops, and the cursor on the screen moves regardless of mouse movements.

System Problems

New programs on your computer that you have not installed and whose origin you cannot install are a sign of interference with the operation of the device. Especially if it only has one user. Get ready for the fact that there is actually more other people’s software than it seems: hackers, discovering a security loophole and installing the bulk of their files, can continue downloading malware, gradually taking root in the computer, and changing system settings.

However, you yourself can provoke an interference with the computer settings, if, for example, you have given unnecessary permissions to unverified programs that you decided to install on your PC. This is fraught with a variety of consequences, for example, if malware gains access to the camera and microphone, it can use this to capture your confidential information. You can easily Protect your PC against viruses and malware with Best Antivirus Software.

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Problems with Accounts and Browser Settings

If your browser unexpectedly has new bookmarks with unknown sites or new extensions, and when you use it, you are redirected from the necessary sites to dubious resources, then there are signs of infection. The same goes for changing the home page in the browser.

Unsuccessful attempts to log into accounts with their username and password should also suggest that the computer is infected with a virus. Often, malicious programs hijack user accounts in order to start sending spam emails or messages on social networks on their behalf. At first, you may not even notice the mailing of letters on your behalf, so check not only incoming letters in your mailbox, but also sent ones.

Antivirus Problems

Does your antivirus program shut down spontaneously or won’t scan your computer? Then it is possible that it was hacked and is now controlled by a virus. This can happen if you have not updated the anti-virus databases in time or installed a malicious application from an unverified source. This is used by hackers to first disable the protection, and then gain access to files and get into the system.

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