UP Ration Card List 2020 has been released, people from the state who have applied online for a ration card in the year 2020 can search their name in the UP Ration Card List. UP Ration Card List 2020 was issued by Uttar Pradesh’s Department of Food and Logistics.

The beneficiaries who are selected by the state government of Uttar Pradesh in the ration card list are available to the beneficiaries at subsidized rates, such as food products such as wheat, rice, sugar, casein, etc. The state government has categorized the citizens according to the family’s annual income into the APL, BPL, and Antyodaya register.

By easily delivering UP ration cards to the economically weaker sections below the poverty line of Uttar Pradesh, the ration is sent by the government at all concessional rates to every city and village, such as wheat rice, sugar, kerosene, etc., and providing sufficient food to poor families. The same residents of the state, whose age is more than 18 years, can apply online under UP Ration Card 2020.

Uttar Pradesh ‘s government of the Department of Food and Civil Supplies is now announcing the UP New Ration Card List 2020 for all candidates who have applied earlier. In the midst of nation wise COVID 19 Shutdown, the government has a duty to provide necessary food and services for the people of the country. And now NFSA UP under the NFSA Scheme offers UP Ration Cardholder’s District wise, Janpad wise list. Now all qualifying candidates will receive the Corona Sahayata Rs 1000 and other food grains benefits.

And now the NFSA UP, under the NFSA System, is providing the District wise, Janpad wise UP Ration Cardholder list. All qualifying candidates will now receive the Corona Sahayata Rs 1000, as well as other food grain benefits.

  • Wheat: Rs. 02 Per KG
  • Sugar: Rs. 13.50 Per KG
  • Rice: Rs. 03 Per KG


Uttar Pradesh Ration Card New List

Before the online phase of the UP Ration Card, the people of Uttar Pradesh had to go around the gram panchayat and the municipality to see their name in the ration card list to make a ration card and face a lot of difficulties, but now the interested residents of the state can easily get ration cards made through the online process and can see their name in the list as well.

Those Uttar Pradesh people who applied for the APL and BPL ration card in the year 2020 will receive the APL, BPL list from this official website on the website of the UP Food and Supply Department @ fcs.gov.in, everybody you can check your name in the UP Ration Card List 2020.

Those people of the state whose names are not yet on the wise / block-wise / panchayat wise list of the Ration Card district, those people who fall below the poverty line that apply for a BPL Ration Card and those who are above the poverty line, APL You can apply for a ration card online.

About UP Ration Card

  • The BPL Ration Card was issued to State families living below the poverty line. BPL families should have an annual income of no more than 10,000. Through this ration card, state citizens can buy up to 25 kg of food grains in ration shops at affordable prices.
  • APL Ration Card was issued for those State families living above the poverty line. The state government provides APL rations to these state families, and through these APL rations, state people can get grains up to 15 kg per month from the ration shop at subsidized rates.
  • For those families which are very poor and have no income, AAY ration has been given. Ration cards are issued based on people’s incomes. With this ration card, every month a family can buy up to 35 kg of grain from the ration shop at a cheaper rate.

How to Apply for Uttar Pradesh Ration Card?

  • The official FCS website, named UP i.e. https:/fcs.up.gov.in.
  • Once you hit the homepage, select “Download Files”
  • Click on “Application forms” in the drop-down list The links to the application forms will appear for urban and rural areas.
  • Choose a link on your application form. The application form appears now.
  • Print your form, and fill in all the details.
  • Submit the application to the district center or center in Tehsil, CSC.
  • Any form of a request containing erroneous or incomplete information shall be refused.

UP Ration Card Name Check List 2020

  • Firstly, you need to go to the website of the Uttar Pradesh Ration Card. Click here now to go to our website.
  • Following this, the N.F.S.A. opens the link to the list of eligibility.
  • A list of all districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh will appear.
  • You’ll have to choose your district after this.
  • Now choose your city/tehsil. After seeing your area ‘s name click
  • You will then see a list of ration cards after doing this.
  • After this, a new page will open in which you can see the names of government ration shops in that area. The name of each shopkeeper is shown next to the number of ration cards underneath. If you know the shopkeeper ‘s name, click on the number of the ration card that will appear next to his name.
  • Now you will see the list of all the holders of ration cards in that region.

Benefits of Uttar Pradesh Ration card

  • State people can apply through a ration card to get a driving license.
  • You can use ration cards as your identity too.
  • Through this, the state’s poor people can get food items sent by the government at concessional rates, such as wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene, etc.
  • Uttar Pradesh Ration Card may also be used upon admission to the school.
  • Those three ration cards are created based on the economic status and income of the individual.
  • In the new ration card list, people who have applied for a UP Ration Card can see the status of their card right from home.
  • In government jobs, BPL cardholders are given an exemption and family children also get school scholarships.

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