TikTok has become one of the top-notch social media platforms over the past few years. This entertainment-based platform is now home to individuals who want to showcase their talents in diverse fields amidst millions of people. 

TikTok often releases new features and updates to fulfill the advanced needs of users and stay unique from its competitors. But unfortunately, most of the TikTokers know only the basic features, and they miss out on the best ones. 

Adopting the features of TikTok helps creators to reach a broader audience and build a strong profile. Do you want to succeed in the highly competitive TikTok platform? You can buy tiktok followers and raise your popularity in no time. Come on! Now let us discuss the must-know tricks for TikTokers to reap more benefits. 


Tips To Create TikTok Videos In a Better Way 

Steps To Create Slideshows 

Slideshow is one of the options available on TikTok that helps users to convey a story through multiple images. If you want to create your own post, follow the below steps. 

  • Go to the Home Page and tap on + sign 
  • Hit ‘Upload’ on the right bottom side
  • Add an image or video clip that you want 
  • Jazz up it with sound, text, stickers, and effects you like 
  • Finally, click on ‘Next’ to post it

Use Audio From Other Video

Are you looking for the option to use audio from any other TikToker? Here you go! 

  • Land on the video that you inspired
  • Go to the bottom corner and hit on the round button
  • Now you can see details of the selected audio
  • Click on ‘Use this sound’ found at the bottom of the page 
  • At last, you can create your video that suits that audio 

Promote & Share TikTok Profile 

Do you know that you could share your profile out of the application? Yes, it’s possible! TikTok allows its users to share their profiles across various social media sites and promote them. On the other hand, you can connect other profiles with TikTok to reach out to different audiences. Make use of Trollishly to boost your followers and strengthen your profile. 

Optimize Text Appearance 

Creating videos in TikTok is really interesting as it presents various effects to jazz up. For example, imagine a video in which text appears according to the music beats. You will be impressed. Let’s do it for your video now. 

  • Move to the editing page and click on the ‘Text’ option at the bottom
  • Personalize your text with the font, size, and color that you wish
  • Hit on the text to see a pop-up that lets you set the duration 
  • Analyze your text and set the time when it wants to appear and how long.

Schedule TikTok Posts

Consistency is the key to success in social media! However, it is hard to retain better results once you miss it, as it impacts the TikTok algorithm. So, better plan your leisure time to create videos and schedule them with the help of online tools. This will significantly increase productivity by posting videos on time, even in your absence.

One of the struggles that almost every social media user face is saving a video without a logo. Do you want to save the TikTok video on your device to use it for other platforms? The trick is that you want to record a video before posting. 

  • While before creating the TikTok video, simply start screen recording by turning on the volume and disabling the microphone.
  • Have a preview look and stop recording to open it on your device. 
  • Now you will have your video without the TikTok logo so that it can be repurposed anywhere. 

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Partner With Influencers

In earlier stages, it is a challenging task to gain viewers for your video and become famous. So you can seek the support of TikTok influencers who already have tons of followers and collaborate with them to promote your profile on their account. Apart from influencer marketing, you can give try on Trollishly to get fame in a short time. 

Manage Screen Time 

Ever calculated the time that you spent on social media? Since TikTok is entirely filled with exciting and fun videos, users spend plenty of time without realizing it. To avoid this situation and save your valuable time, the TikTok application presents a unique feature for screen time management. Based on your need, set the time as 60, 90, or 120 minutes and ask for the password to continue using once you reach the time limit. 

Wrapping Up

Thus, the above-mentioned efficient tricks will make a big difference in your TikTok account when done perfectly. As an aspiring TikToker, don’t fear to try out different features; instead, keep your hands on everything that may make your video better than your competitors.

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