Australia is an incredible destination down under. You can enjoy gorgeous beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and never-ending sunshine. Experiencing the Aussie feeling is something you will never forget. It’s such a fascinating place where the most challenging part will be leaving. Budgeting could be a solution to staying longer in Australia. This way, you can extend your trip and enjoy more sites.


Stay in hostels

Hostels in Australia are essential to keep your budget low. Most hotels in Australia are pricey, so if having fewer luxuries isn’t an issue for you, you can save lots of cash. You can even camp in some places in Australia. Still, there aren’t that many campgrounds in the big cities. We are sure you will enjoy camping in the forests and mountains.

Make your own Food

The cheapest fast food change will charge you at least $10 for a meal, so start thinking of a plan to save pennies. Also, surviving on burgers and fries may not be the best for your health. There are several options to protect your budget by making your food. In Australia, you can find parks with accessible public BBQ facilities. You can buy your meat and start grilling for a healthy meal. You can also use hostel kitchens and have your meals ready in a few minutes. Take the chance to save money and eat healthy meals during your trip to Australia.

Check out the museums and galleries

Most of Australia’s museums and galleries are free. If you get tired of the outdoors, you can enjoy the culture inside these fantastic places. The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne could be your first options. Most cultural centers offer activities for all ages for free. Check out their websites first and enjoy most of their activities for free.

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Spend lots of time in nature

Australia’s natural beauty is incomparable, and the best part is that it is free. Head to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and Brisbane, where you don’t have to pay an entry fee. Beaches are also accessible, which means you can enjoy swimming and surfing. Take the opportunity to hike Sydney’s Blue Mountains or visit the Royal National Park without spending any money. Remember to check out Australia’s nature reserves and confirm which ones have no entry fees.

Australia Visitor Visa

Now that you have decided that Australia will be your next destination, it’s time to confirm the travel documents you need for your trip. If you’re traveling for a short term, you must apply for the [Australia Visitor Visa]. It will allow you to visit for tourism, business, or even studies if your stay is less than three months. iVisa has all the tools to help you process your online application. Connect to the platform, complete the online form and submit your details. Expect an email with the electronic visa. Show it to immigration officers in Australia and enter the country without any issues. If you have questions, contact their customer service agents. They’re available 24/7.

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