People travel for several good reasons; some travel to explore, some want to experience luxury, others want to indulge in other countries’ history, and some just want to escape the stress. But of course, we can never ignore the expenses of traveling. Especially if you are traveling internationally, you must be particular with practicality to enjoy your hobbies fully.

If you are one of the people who searched for traveling cheaply, then you came to the right place. To keep yourself posted at all times, you need to find the best mobile plan for international travel. Although there are excellent choices for mobile plans such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, we will introduce you to the best pick for a cheaper mobile plan.


A Brief Background

Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNOs significantly contributed to wireless communication enhancement. These service providers come with different brand names and sell independent retail prices from bulk network services.  Having an Ultra Mobile plans is one of these MVNOs that offer the best rates with reasonable coverage and benefits.

It was founded way back in 2011: Ultra Mobile then gradually worked its way up to the rank number 1 as the fastest-growing private company in the U.S by 2015. Everyone was surprised by its outstanding annual growth of 100,849%. With its affordable schemes, Ultra Mobile has rapidly grown despite being somewhat new in the market.

The Ultra Mobile plans primarily focus on international calls aside from its vast range of services. You can comfortably communicate through texts or calls for over 80 countries, given that their plans’ majority is international. Although there are other competitive MVNOs and mobile network operators out there, Ultra Mobile remains a tough competitor.

Knowing Its Vast Coverage

Choosing the perfect choice for mobile carriers is never easy. You have many factors to consider before choosing one, and you have to measure the gravity of the situation first. It is more advisable to identify your needs first, especially when traveling internationally. Although it is cheap, it does not automatically mean that it does not have quality service.

Urban Mobile works together with another gigantic telecom company, T-Mobile, and uses a similar network in catering to their customers. Therefore, the quality of coverage of Ultra Mobile is on par with the popular T-Mobile. The vast range of Urban Mobile covers nationwide and has the best connections in North America’s metropolitan areas.

You can also take advantage of their coverage map to discover which areas have the best reception. If you live in rural areas, you need to double-check with the coverage map first to avoid reception and signal difficulties. The map tool is user-friendly and has interactive selections, making it ideal for starters.

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Excellent Plans With An Affordable Price

We understand that living in the 21st century requires much dedication to online features. Aside from the very addictive social media platforms, the professional and corporate world has been brought from the field to the internet; life is now online. What you need is to keep yourself online almost 24/7 to cope up with these extremely fast-paced demands.

Ultra Mobile plans are focused on international calls, but they did not limit themselves to that. Ultra Mobile plans also offer unlimited data plans competitive enough to keep up with the giant telecom companies. Depending on your needs, you can choose whether you go for the single-month or multi-month plans.

Single-Month Plan

If you plan to use Ultra Mobile only for a month, this plan is your best pick. Especially for newbies that do not want a solid commitment on the first try, the single-month plan’s reasonable ranges are quite excellent. With the discounted rate of $39 per month, you already have unlimited talk to 80+ international destinations with 15GB high-speed mobile data.

Ultra Mobile plans also offer $4 credit savings per month if you use their auto-recharge feature. You can avail of these discounts continuously by using this feature, which applies to your upcoming monthly payments. Although this is a limited-time promo, availing of these kinds of helpful deals can cause cost minimization.

Now, if you need an unlimited data plan, you can go for the $49 per month package. You can surf and video calls quick and easy with its 4G high-speed LTE data. This plan has the most features provided that it is the priciest. However, if you are a heavy data user, reconsider choosing this plan.

At 50GB cap, your data speed will be trimmed down to 128Kbps. You can also try their non-unlimited data plans if you’re on a tight budget. You can use these types of data plans if you only need to consume useful data per day and settle them daily. If you want to travel economically and pay only for what you need, you can settle with this plan.

Multi-Month Plan

Since you are investing in a mobile carrier, it is recommendable to settle on multi-month plans. Who wants to keep on changing mobile carriers, anyway? Keeping a single yet stable mobile carrier for quite some time is an intelligent choice. If you try to make further forecasts, you can save more with these multi-month plans.

Your more advanced payments will cause more savings. The 12-month pricing has the most reasonable pricing with better benefits. The price falls at $40 per month with unlimited data, unlimited nationwide talk, and global text. It also includes unlimited talk to 80+ international destinations and is a mobile hotspot capable.

Although the perks and benefits are like that of the single-month plan, these plans are way more affordable. The multi-month plan’s unlimited data only has a 32GB cap compared to that of the 50GB cap. You can still get more savings with these multi-month plans.


Choosing which mobile carrier and plan is a tough decision; many factors are to be considered. You need to decide whether you are using it for a short period only or the long-term. International talks and texts have not been this affordable. Try out Urban Mobile’s plans and see for yourself.

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