Contact lenses are tiny lenses that the doctor prescribes. We wear it on our pupils, which helps us maintain clear vision and focus. Contact lenses make us look natural and make others believe our eyes are healthy and natural. Contact lenses help to maintain ocular health and refractive errors. They are so soft and thinner in shape that they fit on your eye’s pupils without any discomfort and uneasiness.

There are disposable lenses, which you can wear only one time and dispose of them. Plus, contact lenses are available in many types of varieties to choose from.


Material for Contact Lenses 

PMMA Lenses

PMMA lenses are not oxygen permeable and are made of plastic. They are rigid in properties, and they are way more similar to gas permeable (GP). They are highly durable.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are made up of hydrogel, which is water-containing plastic, and which is also gel-made. These lenses fit on the eye’s surface, as they are fragile and pliable.

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

Silicone hydrogel is the material that allows oxygen to pass on the surface of the eye. That is made up of soft contact lenses, and they are one of the most famous contact lenses.

Hybrid Contact Lenses 

They are made up of rigid gap permeability, which is surrounded by silicone hydrogel material and skirt hydrogel material. This contact lens has both hard and soft contact lens quality, as they are covered with a thin layer and have an intense center.

Gas Permeable Lenses

They help your eyes maintain their shape, and they are smaller than their diameter. Plus, they are such soft and highly permeable oxygen materials, and they are helpful to correct problems like astigmatism, plus many other refractive errors. Gas permeable lenses are the most comfortable and soft, although they take time to adjust to your eyes.

Contact Lenses Styles 

There are multiple varieties of contact lens styles, which are suitable for both hydrogel and silicone contact lenses.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses 

These contact lenses are used to change the color of your eyes, enhancing your iris to look fabulous in front of everyone. Plus, it is also considered as colored contact lenses, which can be used even if you don’t have any refractive errors.

Toric Soft Contact Lenses

These contacts help to maintain refractive errors like farsightedness, astigmatism, and nearsightedness.

Spherical Contact Lenses

These lenses also help to cure many refractive disorders like hyperopia(farsightedness) and myopia(nearsightedness). They have the same power in the entire lens to correct vision.

Multifocal & Bifocal Contact Lenses

These contacts help to maintain both near and far vision, which occurs to the problem of presbyopia. Some of them are also beneficial for astigmatism.

Major Benefits

  • They are so comfortable and smooth in design that they fit naturally to your pupil and make your focus and vision back to the original. They have highly resistant properties, and you can wear them without any tension.
  • They never go out of sight, which helps to use them during outside activities and sports. Contact lenses can be used for a long time, as you just have to clean them every night to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Most of the time, we don’t want to wear glasses that make us look out of fashion, so choosing contact lenses is your most beneficial option. This improves your look and enhances your face in front of everyone.
  • They never get wet in rainy and foggy weather and will not break if they accidentally fall.
  • They don’t affect your peripheral vision, which can be damaged or harmed by the eyeglasses. Plus, they are made with all hygiene, which helps avoid infection, redness, and discomfort.

Colored Contact Lenses

These are the contact lenses that enhance the look of your eyes, as it is specially made for that. They are available for both zero power and prescribed so that you can wear them in both cases.

There are plenty of varieties of Colored contacts lens to choose from, and you can wear any color as per your preference and outfit.

Hard-Painted Custom Contact   

These lenses help to cure your injuries and enhance the look of the original color of your eyes.

Visibility Contact Lenses

These lenses are one of the most used lenses, where they enhance the standard color of the iris to look stunning. Plus, the iris of your eye will look more attractive than before.

Opaque Tinted Lenses

These lenses give different color shades like greenish, hazel, bluish, gray, and brown to your eyes, and they are even more suitable for eyes with darker shades. In addition, they are also used for costumes and drama and look like cats and vampires.

Enhancement Tinted Lenses

These lenses help your eye’s iris to look more appealing and enhance them with solid color shades.

Major Pros

  • They come in numerous varieties, which help to match every outfit.
  • Make your eye more extraordinary in look with vibrant colors.
  • They are built with flexible quality and durability.
  • They never get out of focus, and they are dust resistant.
  • They are made with all hygiene, and they use hydrogel material, which makes them smooth.
  • They are very friendly, as they are very easy to apply and remove. Plus, you can use them as disposable contact lenses.

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