Most individuals use Portable Document Format or famously known as PDF, in their daily online activities. It is a must for every student, Businessman, and even regular individuals to learn about PDF files because it is the primary format used in an electronic document.

As we are accustomed to using electronic documents. It is also a must to have a third-party tool to help us configure our electronic documents. In that aspect, GoGoPDF is a great help to every electronic document necessity we might run into.


About GoGoPDF

GoGoPDF is an online PDF converter tool that has various options to help every electronic document’s necessities. One specific function that ranks among the most used tool in their website is converting PDF files into another format or the other way around where you are converting your document into PDF. Only a few individuals are knowledgeable that you can delete pages from your PDF using the tools of GoGoPDF. GoGoPDF will handle all the transactions about deleting pages from your PDF file online. This means that you don’t need to download any tool into your device storage because GoGoPDF will convert your PDF file into their cloud storage.

As you are configuring your PDF file online, you can change your PDF file anytime and anywhere. The convenience that GoGoPDF offers to every individual is truly one of the best in the market to handle PDF files. If you are wondering how to delete pages in PDF files, here is a detailed instruction to help you.

Deleting Pages From Your PDF File

How to delete pages in a PDF file? You will only need three things to get going in deleting pages in your PDF file. These three things are your mobile device, an internet connection, and the PDF file that you want to configure. As long as you have these three, you can start configuring your PDF file anytime and anywhere with the help of GoGoPDF tools.

  • The first step in deleting pages in a PDF file is by uploading the specific document that you want to configure. You can upload from your computer by selecting the document or using “Drag and Drop.”
  • The second step is picking the specific pages that you want to remove from your PDF file’s original copy. If you are satisfied with your PDF file changes, you can now proceed to the next step.
  • The third step is saving the changes you made from the previous step. Once completed, a download button will appear for you.
  • The fourth and last step is downloading your newly converted PDF file. You can download it into your device storage or in their online storage if you are subscribed to their pro service.

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You can download your newly converted PDF file into your device storage or in their online storage. The benefit of using online storage is saving space for your device storage. You can now have a more spacious room for your device storage as all your PDF files are saved in online storage. This also lessens the workload for your hard drive or any storage of your device.

Another valuable benefit you can experience when saving your PDF file into online storage is having access to your PDF file anytime and anywhere you need it. All you need to have is a reliable internet connection, and you can now access your PDF files online. This is best used if you are always on the move and not good at organizing things.

Saving in online storage allows you to have a clutter-free display on your device or desktop. It is always a pleasant thing to have a more organized display on your screen. You can also easily organize your PDF file in online storage better than your device storage.


It may come in your concern that uploading your important PDF file into the internet is a gamble. You may encounter different individuals and websites that might take advantage of your situation. However, your PDF file’s security is safe when using GoGoPDF in configuring your PDF file online. The privacy of every user matters to their website as it is treated with the highest importance.

You don’t have to worry about a thing when uploading your PDF file into their system. They are using an advanced security system to keep your PDF file confidential from the public. Keeping your PDF file private is one of the primary goals that GoGoPDF is concerned about. Every PDF file that comes into their system is deleted an hour later to keep it utmost safe.


GoGoPDF offers a lot of tools for your PDF file. It also has underrated tools that only a few individuals are lucky to get around to. Deleting pages in your PDF file will never be the same when using GoGoPDF.

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