This widespread use of technologies has led to the emergence of new players who have understood the value of collecting information flows: distribution companies who are always seeking to offer more commercial offers … adapted to your needs, to your desires. .

Identifying the individual is the goal of targeted marketing! Thanks to it, you will be helped in your purchases, your trips, in the management of your money, in the care that you take of your health. If you think your data has been stolen by someone, Computer Forensics Australia can assist you investigate more deeply and systematically if you want to collect some useful or evidences through the digital means.


Suggestions for a Better Internet Privacy

Control Your Smartphone

The applications installed on the phone are a gold mine for marketing. They accumulate information on our behavior or our movements throughout the day.

To avoid being tracked, deactivate GPS geolocation in the settings (be careful, this prohibits access to certain services).

Only authorize the sharing of data (contacts, photos, videos) when it is really useful, refuse in other. cases.

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Block cookies

On its site, the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (Cnil) provides several tips to escape cookies, these small files installed without the knowledge of the Internet user when browsing the Web, and offers Cookieviz, a software for identifying cookies in real time.

These files detect and record purchases, sites visited, etc. with the aim of offering targeted advertising.

You can refuse them when entering sites, block them (by configuring the settings of the Firefox browser, Internet Explorer, etc.), activate private browsing and delete the history.

Using a proxy server and a nickname

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the browser and the Internet, thus hiding the user’s identity. There are dozens of them that you can download for free on the Internet and then install on your computer: AnonymoX, Privoxy, Squid…

The goal is to make your name and / or first name invisible on the Internet, social networks and in emails.

With a nickname, you can subscribe to newsletters, make online purchases or access services without providing personal information.

Secure Your Password

Choosing a complicated password means protecting your data, a bit like an armored door would protect your house.

It is best if it consists of numbers and letters in lower and upper case. You also need to take care of your mailbox.

Using the Tor Network

This software, which can be downloaded from the Internet, allows anonymous browsing and its relay server system prevents user data from being tracked.

This system is used by more than two million Internet users, whether dissidents in countries where the Internet is controlled, or journalists or soldiers, for professional reasons.

Be Careful On Social Networks

The first precaution is to configure your accounts so that they are private, the default settings making the accounts public.

Then to publish your photos with discernment, to choose the friends with whom you will share them, to select the groups that you join. There are many potential dangers of using social media carelessly. So, please be attentive while using these online platforms.

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