What is the theoretical and practical significance of the course work and why are they needed?

The theoretical and practical significance of the course work is the value of the research. Every work is done for something. Therefore, the student should reflect in the introduction what important his research can bring to theory and practice. Promising and useful coursework will not go unnoticed and will always claim a high mark.

Let’s give an example. You started running and bought yourself a sports watch. They give you information about your heart rate, but not reliable. You go to AliExpress, order yourself an extra chest strap. You wait for a month, but you are tired of running. What is the practical significance of this belt for you personally? None. Or you are not tired of running, but this tracker shows the result even worse than your sports watch. In this case, its practical value is actually the same – zero. Unless you will use it as a belt.

Strictly speaking, the situation is the same with coursework. The supervisor wants to see how valuable your proposals are in the coursework, whether they can be applied in practice in the activities of the enterprise, or whether the coursework will be a coffee stand.

As a rule, the meaning of a term paper is formulated after writing the entire text. We described how to write a term papers online on our own in our article.

Course work should be written so that it can be applied in practice and in theory


What do you need to know about theoretical significance?

One of the main features of a well-chosen course work topic is relevance. The Internet opens up access to many sources, and there are few areas that have not been comprehensively explored. Databases on subjects and objects of various topics are regularly updated.

Teachers expect novelty and creativity from their students. The repeated rewriting of templates from the Internet will hardly surprise anyone. The task of any researcher, including a student:

  • bring something new;
  • leave a contribution to theory;
  • to offer your view on the theoretical aspects of the studied problem;
  • to reveal the question from the unexplored side.

This approach reveals the theoretical significance. At the same time, the term paper in this part should also be unique, competent, correctly designed.

What is the practical significance?

Practical significance conventionally denotes a real benefit for a country, a specific company or collective. Any research, including coursework, should aim at solving applied problems. It means that it is not enough just to describe the theory, it is important to reveal how new developments can be applied in a specific situation.

Practical value can manifest itself in one of the following ways:

  • completion of unfinished own or someone else’s research;
  • obtaining new factual data and information, their introduction into academic and pragmatic bases;
  • proof that the chosen question is promising and is an acute problem;
  • confirmation that the applied innovations and methods are effective.

The practical significance of the study is supported by well-written reports, instructions, forecasts, and implementation acts. There will be no doubt about the practical significance of the course work if its conclusions are included in the educational and methodological literature of the university


Schematically, using an example, it looks like this. The student has chosen the topic “Optimization of personnel management at the enterprise in crisis conditions”. The purpose of this work is to develop specific ways to optimize personnel management at the enterprise LLC “Enterprise” in the context of a decline in business activity in the market.

Consequently, the theoretical significance of the work carried out will be the systematization of the existing theoretical concepts of optimization of personnel management in crisis conditions on the market of enterprise activities. And also the formulation of their own definitions of such categories as “personnel management”, “methods of management in a crisis” and others.

Coursework does not require a large-scale research, so the results will be abstract. But it is the author’s analysis and conclusions that can become the basis for practical recommendations.

The practical significance is reduced to the development of new ways of personnel management at a particular enterprise as a result of a decrease in business activity in the market. And also, in forecasting the impact of the developed strategy on the activities of the enterprise in the future. The student will not go unnoticed if he develops his own recommendations.

Any thoughts you have regarding the improvement of something that can be applied in the activities of a particular enterprise may be of practical importance.


The theoretical and practical significance of the course work is not just a prerequisite. This is an opportunity to become a part of the scientific community and, through your efforts, help in solving sensitive issues. Isn’t it interesting? This is how promising specialists are revealed.

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