Do you own a Microsoft Outlook account? Are your contacts, calendar appointments, and essential data stored in an Outlook database? Looking for a step-by-step guide on how to link them all up on your mobile iPhone? Well, look no further.

Synching contacts, calendar appointments, and other vital data across different software can sometimes prove bothersome. If you’re wondering how to synchronize information from your Microsoft Outlook to your Apple smartphone, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get it done.

When syncing your iPhone with Outlook folders, there are three primary ways to go about it: by using the Outlook for IOS mobile app, iCloud, iTunes, or if you’d like to skip the hassle of getting it done yourself and would like professional assistance you could employ Itrezzo synchronization service. However, if you choose the manual route, here’s the step-by-step guide for each option:


How to synchronize IOS with Outlook via the Outlook app

First things first, since Outlook is a Microsoft office program for desktop purposes, you need to get the application installed on your iPhone. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Download the Microsoft Office app for iPhone: Hop on your iPhone App Store and download Outlook for IOS. Before taking this step, make sure your Outlook subscription is in order and be aware of which Microsoft account you are currently linked to. This is especially important if you manage more than one Microsoft account, possibly one for your personal and business purposes.
  2. Activate your Outlook account: After installing the Outlook app on your iPhone, you want to activate your Outlook account from your mobile settings. To do this, head on over to your iPhone settings. When you’re there, click on the Passwords & accounts option. After selecting the Passwords & accounts option, you would be prompted with a list of several accounts that are compatible with your iPhone. Scroll till you find the logo (it’s often one of the first), and click on the option.
  3. Enable auto-sync: Next thing you want to do is to input your Microsoft Outlook account details, most importantly, your name, e-mail address, and password. You would be asked whether or not you wish to sync your Outlook calendar to your IOS, in which case you’d select “Yes,” and in case you selected the No option, you could always enable the auto-sync from the Outlook app settings.

At the end of the day, if you’re logged in with the same account, depending on the services you enabled on your iPhone (e.g., calendar and contacts), any adjustments made to your Outlook would reflect across your various mobile devices. Meaning there’ll be no need to continually update your appointment dates and important assignments on your iPhone.

How to synchronize IOS with Outlook via iCloud

If you’d prefer syncing your iPhone with your Outlook account via the iCloud, here’s how to get it done:

  1. Enable Outlook account in settings: The first step to activating your Outlook calendar on your iPhone is to enable it on your device. Head on over to your iPhone settings, then select the Calendar option and click on Add account. Like the previous method mentioned above, select the Outlook option on the list, input your account details and toggle on for the calendar option.
  2. Sync Outlook account with iCloud: To make sure your iCloud system is in sync with your Outlook calendar appointments, go to your iPhone settings, tap on your profile bar, and select iCloud. Next, you toggle on for the calendar option, and that’s it! Your Outlook calendar has now been added to your iCloud.

Now, any adjustments made to your Microsoft Outlook account would reflect on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other Apple devices you might own.

Note: If you wish to sync other information like your Contacts, Mail, and so on, toggle on the desired option on your iPhone settings, and voila! Any changes made to any of your selected options on your Microsoft Outlook account would be replicated on your iPhone or any other Apple device.

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How to synchronize IOS with Outlook with iTunes

Apple’s iTunes software is another handy way to sync your Outlook account with your iPhone. Here are the steps to follow to get it done:

  1. Connect to desktop and open iTunes: You could connect your iPhone to your desktop with a USB cable or over a Wi-Fi connection. Once connected, open the iTunes tab on your desktop.
  2. Locate your device and enable settings: Next, head on over to the device entry and select the icon representing your iPhone. Once there, select the Info option. On this tab, you’d see a checkbox with Sync contacts with Outlook, tick on it. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Apply option.

And that’s it. You’ve successfully synchronized your Outlook account to your iPhone via iTunes.


Whatever route you choose to use, be it with the Outlook for IOS app, iCloud, or other options, you’d end with the same result: seamless synchronization across your devices.

Remember to have all the necessary details when synchronizing various software and making sure your subscriptions and essential payments are optimal. Good luck!

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