The temptation is there, and I know it. The heat makes us feel flattened, wanting little, or at most to go out at ten o’clock at night to have a beer. It is not to bother, but you remember your moments of stress and activity from the rest of the year, complaining that you do not have time for anything?

Well come on, these two months of July and August go a long way, it may be your perfect time to advance in tasks that you do not have time to do otherwise. Take the opportunity to organize your office, to review how your business is going, think calmly or clean your computer.

We clean our house, organize the closet or our workplace, but what about the computer? Our main work tool, and there we have it, forgotten. With wallpaper older than Methuselah, full of downloads, programs that we do not use…. It’s slow, and it takes forever to find anything.



Now that you have everything clean, stop and think, arrange the folders you have so far. DICOM can help you manage your important data, files and documents effectively. It will be good for you to give them a review! Try to name everything as best as possible so that later it will be much easier to find and with a logical hierarchy.

DELETE (what you no longer need)

Start with the download folder, which must be scary to see. Next the desktop. Then go folder by folder going through all your documents. Delete the duplicate or that which never serves you again, do not shake your hand. And of course, in the end, don’t forget to empty your recycle bin!

Also, that folder or folders (not many, as this slows down), that you see that you use very often, create a shortcut for your desktop.


As I was saying, it is important to name the folders you use well, but also the documents! Follow a system that works for you, by keywords, by date or by version of the creative, for example. Think when renaming it , with what words would you look for it.


What better time to make your backups! Then we get some good scares when suddenly your computer does not turn on, and anxiety takes over. Take advantage from time to time to save everything important to an external hard drive or upload it to the cloud. Without Dropbox, I no longer know how to live.

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Change Appearance

If you work in another way, it brings happiness. Use beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, change the style or the icons of the folders, those little details that sweeten life.


And why not start September with an efficient computer? You will be surprised how much time you will gain throughout the day. At the beginning, and until you get used to it, fix a post-it in sight with the shortcut.

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