In this technology-driven world, there are numerous messaging and video calling applications like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, and even Instagram. With the changes in the Whatsapp App policy, users are now switching to Telegram and Signal messenger.

Are you wondering why there is so much hype about these messengers? Why are people shifting from Whatsapp messenger to Signal? Signal and Telegram are not the most well-known messaging applications, but they can still beat Whatsapp and Facebook messenger in terms of features, safety, and privacy.

So should you also switch to Signal from Whatsapp? Here, we’ll describe everything about Signal messenger with some tips and tricks to get started.


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A Quick Overview Of Signal Messenger App

Signal messenger is powered by open-source protocol for securing all your conversations. In other words, none of the team members of Signal messenger can read your chats or hear the voice and video calls. As Signal Messenger uses end-to-end encryption, there are no secret trackers attached to your personal account.

Signal messenger isn’t tied with any organization for sharing the chats and any personal data. As everyone knows, Mark Zuckerberg owns Whatsapp, but Signal is an independent organization and cannot be owned by companies. Signal messenger is a non-profit organization which is supported by donations and grants.

Which Are The Key Features Of Signal Messenger app?

  • Signal Messenger allows you to make the most out of the messaging application. If you compare this application with others, there are some features that you cannot find on Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.
  • With Signal messenger, you can send text, voice messages, videos, GIFs, live locations, PDF files, and images for free. Plus, you can also make free video and voice calls anywhere and anytime.
  • Group chatting and group video and voice calls are also supported by this application. Surprisingly, here you don’t use stickers, Signal only supports encrypted stickers.
  • One of the best features Of Signal messenger is you can turn off your ‘Typing’ indicators. Plus, you can enable and disable the chat receipts too.
  • You can even hide your IP address by relaying the calls on the same server. Apple users can use the special screen lock and avoid using Touch ID, Face ID, and passcode. For enhanced security, you can use ‘Registration Lock’ after registering the number in this messenger.
  • Signal messenger also has some set of features that you can use for every chat. For enhanced chatting experience, there is an option called ‘Disappearing Messages’ that allows you to customize the message visibility. We don’t think you’ll ever get this option in the Whatsapp messenger.
  • Plus, you can select your desired message tone for specific contacts. You can even mute some chats permanently as per your requirements. With such amazing features, Signal is slightly better than other messaging applications.

Should You Use Signal Messenger?

First and foremost, it entirely depends on your choice. The Signal is the latest messaging application, and already it has millions of users. Whatsapp does have some issues, but people are still using it. Hence, mostly it’s your choice to use Signal or Whatsapp.

Signal messenger supports end-to-end encryption; whatever you’re sending can only be seen by you. In other words, when you send something, Signal cannot track or watch what you’re sharing with your contacts. The Signal doesn’t store the data of users; hence, government and private organizations cannot ask for the user data.

Nevertheless, Signal messenger works on open source, which means you can see how the application is written. But, hackers cannot crack the codes, and the security team ensures that Signal is following the top-notch privacy standards.

If you check out Signal’s security standards, many security researchers have claimed that this messaging application is 100% safe and secure. Many haters are defaming Signal, but this messaging application is technically one of the best on the internet.

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Setting Up The Signal Application

The Signal messaging application supports most operating systems like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. In other words, you can download this application on your preferred device from the Play Store.

Install the application, enter your phone number, and you’re all set for using this application. The registration process of the Signal application and Whatsapp is the same. You’ll receive a verification message or call on your registered number which should be entered into the Signal application.

Once your phone number is registered, set up your profile name by entering your first name, last name is optional. Next, you need to set up a 4-digit or alphabetic security pin. This PIN number will store all the information related to your account. Even if you uninstall the app, this PIN will still have the stored data.

Is Signal Application Better Than Whatsapp?

If you compare both the applications in terms of privacy and security, Signal is the best. But, if you need a reliable and feature-loaded messaging application, Whatsapp is highly recommended. The most important thing is your choice and requirements.

In our opinion, both applications are good in terms of features, privacy, and security. If you’re addicted to Whatsapp or most of your business contacts are active on this application, there is no point in using Signal.

If your friend’s and colleagues’ circle is active on Whatsapp, even the most appealing features of Signal cannot grab your attention. Signal gained huge attention when Whatsapp changed its privacy policy. Many influential and famous personalities also recommended using Signal over Whatsapp.

In the upcoming years, Signal can become one of the most used messaging applications like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Final Wrap-Up

Will you use Signal and Telegram over Whatsapp just because of privacy issues? Many people are still in a dilemma and confused about selecting the best messenger for their daily usage. Which messaging application you’re using right now? Will you install Signal in your smartphone? Please let us know all your answers in the comment section!

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