How to Reset Arris Router

When we talk about modems or routers, a couple of brands come in our mind. For example, TP-Link, D Link, and so on. One of the most famous brands of routers/modems is Arris. This brand is mostly preferred by American, because it is compatible with all provider like Verizon FiOS, spectrum, cox, etc. and they provide a wide range of communication devices

As we are talking about routers, nowadays installing them is very easy. We all are addicted to high-speed internet, and 5G is also coming soon. Sometimes, we have to reset the router to enhance its performance and configure the security settings. Today, we’ll be talking about the resetting process of the Arris router.

Basically, there are two ways; one is the power cycle reset and factory reset. Both the reset ways serve two different purposes. The power cycle reset method is the quickest way to reboot your router and fix any temporary error.

On the other hand, the factory method is used to delete the whole data of the router. This method will remove all the information about the network and restore the original settings. Now, let’s talk about both these methods deeply.

Power Cycle Reset Method

To reset your Arris router through the power cycle reset method, just unplug your device from the power connection. Above all, you also have to unplug the Ethernet cable. Now, you have to wait until all the power drains out from your router.

After a couple of minutes, you have to reconnect your power cord and Ethernet cable again. Make sure; you are entering them into the correct ports. Now, you have to wait for around 2 minutes again. Your router will take time to gain power, reboot, and connect with the available network.

The lights on the router will let you know when the network and power are active. Now, test your network on the computer or smartphone. You have to check whether your router is working or not. If your router is still not working, then check the small pinhole of the back of the router. Take a paperclip and press the button in pinhole for at least a second. This is the power cycle reset method which is used to fix the router operations.

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Factory Reset Method

This is the most common method which is used to reset the router. Almost the technicians and users prefer this method even to fix the temporary problems. To use the factory reset method, locate the same button of the pinhole on the back of your router. Take a paperclip or pin to press the pinhole button. This time you have to keep the button pressed at least for 10 to 20 seconds. Now, the factory reset process will start within a couple of seconds.

The power will automatically drain your power, and all the information settings will be deleted. After running a factory reset, you have to set up the network again. You have to enter all the information on the new network because the factory reset will delete the previous data.

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