If you have an old Surface Pro and encounter a problem with the screen, you will probably be tempted to try and replace it for free. Does this work? And if it does, why would you want to pay someone to fix it for you? Before you rush out and buy a new screen, you should know how much it costs to Surface Pro Screen Replacement. Here is a closer look at what the best companies charge to replace your screen.


Fix A Damaged Surface

You can usually fix a damaged Surface Pro screen for free. Microsoft Surface Pro laptops come with a limited warranty. However, for more reliable solutions for your PC display troubles, head over to the Screen Issues area of this website. Most common Surface Pro display issues, such as red-eye, blue screens, or slow response time, can usually be fixed by visiting the site’s repair service center. In some cases, you may even have to send your unit to their repair service center, but many of these services are covered by Microsoft in their warranty. Some people have a fear about spending money to repair their screens. They may think that the only option is to purchase another expensive piece of hardware. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this. Here are some great tips for knowing how much it costs to replace a Surface Pro LCD Assembly.

Purchase Replacement

If you have a cracked glass screen on your Surface Pro, you may have to purchase a replacement. However, many great retailers online offer free or inexpensive LCD screen repairs to replace the broken one on your Pro. On some occasions, you can even get them for free, depending on how poor the screen’s condition is.

Reasons Of LCD Crack

Sometimes your LCD screen will be cracked not because it was damaged but because of something you did. One example is when someone drops something sharp on the unit. The crack might become a problem later if the item doesn’t have a safety lip around it. To fix this, all you have to do is file the edge of the crack using a utility knife to be smaller. Then, you can use a small amount of silicone lubricant to smooth out the damage. This should make the crack smaller and make it less likely to become a problem in the future.

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Purchase A New Unit

If the screen is not repaired correctly, you might have to purchase a new unit. Fortunately, many retailers offer next-day shipping to help you save time and money. Another option you have is to take your team to an LCD screen repair professional to have it professionally repaired. Some people prefer this because they can ask the technician any questions they may have about the unit. Plus, the technicians are trained to diagnose and repair common LCD screen issues properly, thus saving you money in the long run. If you need fast service, an experienced technician is your best option.

The other common issue with out-of-warranty LCD screens is cracked screens. These are almost always easier to fix than those that are still under warranty. However, there are some precautionary measures you should take when handling a cracked screen. If the screen is slightly cracked, you should avoid touching the glass to prevent shattering it. If the screen is thoroughly cracked, you should gently pry it open using a screwdriver or other tool. This should help you pull the broken part away from the surface without seriously damaging it.

Final Statement;

Finally, the third most common reason people have to replace their LCD screen is due to it being installed incorrectly. Although most kickstand hinges install correctly, some people still experience issues with this type of hinge. In particular, some people find that their monitors are not ideally placed on their stands after the installation is complete. If you find that your monitor’s stand is not correctly holding your external monitor, then it could be due to the wrong type of kickstand or perhaps the entire monitor assembly. To avoid replacing your surface pro four-screen, make sure that the one you’re purchasing is made for your brand of LCD TV.

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