We all have deleted some photos from our Android device accidentally and then we want to recover it. If you are also the one then you are on the right platform. We are going to tell you the different ways from which you can recover deleted photos on your Android devices. There are many methods but we will tell you only those methods which are surely going to work for you. Read the article carefully, you will definitely find a solution.


How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android devices?

1. Check your trash bin

In most devices, the photos you deleted stays up on the trash bin of the device for like 60 days. So you can easily go to your trash bin and click on the photo and restore it. But this method works for only a few people because most people forgot about this setting from the Android device. Hence in case if you haven’t on the setting then check the second method.

2. Use some photo recovery apps

The second thing you need to do is, go to the Play Store and download some photo recovery apps. There are so many apps in the Play Store which claim that they can recover the deleted photos from your device. Note that once you downloaded the recovery app you need to turn off the data connection and Wi-Fi of your device. Because whenever you delete any photo, file or music the these are not deleted permanently until and unless they have some name on the memory of your phone.

And in our Android devices, there are so many phone cleaning apps that may delete the photos permanently. Therefore, you need to turn off your Wi-Fi and data connection as soon as possible, so that the phone cleaning app does not delete the photos permanently. Once you’ve downloaded the photo recovery app you need to follow the instructions given by them and you’ll be able to recover your deleted photos.

3. Recover the software

If any of the two methods didn’t work for you then this will be the last option for you. You need to recover the whole software again in your Android device. For this, you may need to consult an expert because it is quite difficult to recover the whole software on your own. Also, it may lead to another threat therefore, always consult an expert to recover your software again.

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Prevention for future

Now if you’re able to recover all the deleted photos from your Android device then you need to make sure that this kind of mistake won’t happen again in the future. Because it may be very difficult to consult an expert every time. Hence, always store your photos in apps like Google Drive, Microsoft photos, Google photos. Use these apps because it is super easy to recover all the deleted photos from these apps. If you deleted the photos accidentally then you just need to go to the trash Bin of the app and need to recover the deleted photos there. Therefore always store your photos in these apps.

Also, turn on the setting on your Android device where all the deleted photos moved to the trash bin. It will be super easy for you.

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