To help buyers of real estate in Paris looking for a reliable agent, the ZagraNitsa portal has compiled TOP-5 real estate companies that are respected and trusted in the capital market. Remember the coordinates!

In the CIS countries, the temptation to do everything yourself is still quite high, because you can save money. In France and other developed countries, personal time is valued more: all real estate transactions, as a rule, are trusted by professional realtors. Do you know there is a new real estate company that is providing exceptional services and deals to the customers in a wide category and various places. You can read Dream Design Property reviews to learn what people say about them. It could be a great agency for you to find the ideal house. Let’s see other similar trusted companies.



Century21Is an international company established in 1972 in the USA. Today its network has been significantly expanded and includes 7100 branches in 73 countries. More than 100,000 highly qualified professional realtors are at the service of clients.

The main services provided by Century21 are: primary and secondary market sales, seasonal rentals, leasing, rental management, commercial real estate transactions. There are 73 branches in Paris, in total in France – about 850 offices.

The company works with objects of various price categories: from expensive apartments in prestigious areas to student budget housing. Regarding the latter, the company in 2015 released the Le Guide du Logement Etudiant par CENTURY 21 with a lot of useful tips.

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Laforêt- a French company with 25 years of history and more than 3000 realtors in the state. The first office was opened in one of the districts of Paris in 1981, and 10 years later the Laforêt franchise network was created. Today it includes over 700 agencies in France. The company’s website is visited by 13.2 million unique visitors, last year nearly 30,000 real estate transactions were concluded, and 25,000 rental properties are under management.

The main services provided by “Lafore”: sale, lease, management of the residential real estate. Elite offers for the convenience of customers are collected in a separate catalog… The company is French-speaking, like its website. Foreigners without knowledge of French are better off looking for another company.


OrpiIs another major player in the French real estate market with 50 years of experience. Its arsenal includes nearly 1,300 offices in almost all departments and large cities, thousands of qualified and energetic agents, who are ready to provide the client with promising proposals in a short time and organize their viewing with all accompanying procedures (transaction support, etc.). Among the services provided, there is a standard realtor list in the form of sale, rent, purchase of housing and land plots. The staff, again, are French speaking.

The base of objects in Orpi is represented by small apartments and spacious apartments, inexpensive houses and luxury villas. On the company’s website, for general development, you can find professional advice on buying and renting real estate website developers in France, use a credit calculator if necessary. But it’s all in French.

Vendôme Estate

Vendôme EstateIs a French company focused on Russian-speaking clients as well. The list of her services includes all the main operations with real estate, primarily of interest to buyers (search for suitable offers, organization of views, transaction support, consultation in real estate management, etc.). The catalog contains mid-price and exclusive residential real estate in Paris and on the Cote d’Azur.

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