Recently, a new phenomenon is gaining in the gaming industry – cloud gaming. The thing is very interesting, because allows you to play cool games on a weak computer, but first things first.


What is Cloud Gaming?

Before the advent of cloud gaming, it was possible to play on a computer or on a console (game console). The main problem is that for modern games with high-quality graphics, you need a powerful gaming computer, in which only a video card costs as much as the average salary and above. On average, the cost of a gaming computer is from $ 1000, a gaming laptop is also worth it, just the graphics are slightly worse there. Well, a laptop cannot accommodate the same power as a system unit! We all know that Rust is a popular cloud survival video game created by a famous company. If you want to play it more with some more advanced tools and tricks, please see Rust tools.

How The Cloud Gaming Platform Works

Basically, you watch the video of the game that you control on your computer. Therefore, you need a computer that is able to receive and decompress FullHD / 4K video in the h264-h265 codec in real time. You don’t need a “game beast” for this, but the old Pentium 4 will not work either. But on an office beech with a 2GHz processor and an integrated video card, you can easily play the latest toy at maximum speed without brakes! Cool?

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Pros of cloud gaming

The most obvious plus is that there is no need to purchase and, importantly, upgrade your gaming computer. You just pay to use the cloud service and you can play even on your home computer, even on your office laptop, and even from your Android smartphone, tablet or TV set-top box. The subscription costs about $ 10 per month, which is clearly more profitable than owning a computer.

The second plus is that you can play at higher graphics settings than at home. This is provided that the average gaming computer does not pull new items at maximum settings with a comfortable 30-60 FPS.

You don’t need to install and store all games on your computer. It takes time, disk space, and sometimes nerves if any errors appear during installation and startup. You can also save and copy saves. You can start playing at home and continue at the dacha.

You don’t have to pay for the electricity your computer uses. At first glance it seems ridiculous, but a quite tangible amount accumulates over the course of a year. This is especially true in Western countries, where tariffs are higher than ours.

Cons of cloud gaming

If everything were so perfect, then everyone would rush to play in the clouds, and Avito would be overwhelmed with offers to sell video cards, as it was in the wake of the decline in interest in cryptocurrency mining.

The first disadvantage is the price for using the service. The subscription price varies depending on the purchase period, of course it is cheaper for a year. The monthly payment for today is about 900-2000 rubles per month. There are also services with hourly rates, night rates, all inclusive, etc. Just choose what suits you best.

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